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Chris Bentley MC

Master of Ceremonies | Former Rugby Professional | Entrepreneur 



Chris Bentley's story is one of grit, tenacity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As a former professional rugby player, he not only graced the turf with enviable dedication, but also with an intellectual engagement with the sport. He has locked horns with international legends across the world and fought for championships, learning the lessons of resilience, collaboration, and adaptation in the process.


But Chris's insights extend beyond the world of sport. His profound understanding of team dynamics and performance psychology is enriched by his work post-rugby, which includes his own entrepreneurial ventures. 


His poignant observation—"Your mindset is the lens through which you see the world and interpret events; it's the foundation of every success and every failure"—is not just a catchphrase but a philosophical cornerstone derived from decades of high-stakes experiences. Chris' role as an MC comes with an unparalleled blend of eloquence and gravitas, a combination designed to set the stage for transformative dialogue and self-discovery whether among our own roster of speakers or to compliment yours.

What to Expect

When Chris Bentley takes to your stage as MC, the event takes on a life of its own. His meticulous preparation involves extensive conversations with your chosen speakers, understanding their key messages, and integrating them into the overarching narrative of the event. An absolute natural at reading the room, Chris combines his sports-inspired leadership skills with the timing of a seasoned performer. He understands the nuances of pace and mood, knowing when to inject humour to lighten the atmosphere, when to add a dash of banter or when to underscore the gravity of a speaker's message through thoughtful reflection. His dynamic range adds a layer of complexity that enriches each gathering, elevating it from a mere event to an experience that stimulates the intellect and engages the soul.


A Lasting Impact 

The brilliance of Chris Bentley lies in his ability to not just fill a room with energy but to make that energy linger, long after the last words have been spoken. Drawing from a well of multidisciplinary experiences—from athletic triumphs to personal and professional development endeavours—he leaves an indelible mark on each event he graces. He's more than a curator of the event's flow; he's a catalyst for meaningful conversations and lasting change. Through insightful asides and carefully considered segues, he enhances the efficacy and reach of your speakers, making each event a transformative crucible.


Chris Bentley
Quick Look


Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Exeter, England

Who: Chris Bentley is a unique blend of athlete, philosopher, and charismatic MC. A former professional rugby player, Chris brings emotional intelligence and a captivating storytelling prowess to every event. Highly adaptable and authentically engaging, he embodies a balance between living in the moment and strategically planning for the future.

What to Expect: Expect a unique fusion of spontaneity and structure when Chris takes to the stage. His emotional intelligence allows him to read the room effortlessly, engaging audiences with captivating narratives. Chris' authentic delivery and adaptable style create an unforgettable event experience that enriches both mind and spirit.

Available for: Corporate Retreats and Offsites. Sports Seminars and Conventions. Leadership and Management Conferences. Networking Events. Motivational Speaking Events. Panel Discussions. Wellness and Mental Health Workshops. Product Launches. Sports Dinners. 

Popular With: Corporate Teams. Leadership Conferences. Entrepreneurs and Startups. Educational Institutions. Athletes and Sports Organisations

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