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Emily Orman
Football's Rising Young Star

It's not every day that you meet someone who truly encapsulates the essence of both raw talent and profound wisdom, especially at the outset of their career. My recent chat with Emily Orman, a prodigious young talent in premiership football, was a real eye opener. 

From the moment our conversation began, I was utterly struck by her remarkable composure and laser-sharp focus, traits not commonly seen in someone so young. Emily's mindset is a rare blend of youthful exuberance and seasoned insight - a clear indication of the extraordinary mentorship and guidance she’s receiving from professionals at the pinnacle of their fields.

In the interview that follows, gives you a glimpse into the life of an athlete who, at just 21, is already shaping her path with the poise and determination of a seasoned professional. Emily’s story is one of relentless drive, unwavering commitment, and a deep-seated love for her sport, that transcends boundaries.

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Emily Orman, a name I am confident will resonate in the halls of football greatness for years to come. Her interview is a testament to the power of mentorship, the resilience of the human spirit, and the boundless potential that lies within each of us.

Stay inspired. Stay curious. 




On the lush green fields of football, where every goal is a story and every match a chapter in an unfolding book, Emily Orman emerges as the author of a remarkable narrative. At just 21, she personifies both the seasoned poise of an accomplished athlete and the infectious zest of a pathfinder. Her journey into the heart of professional football is marked by extraordinary resilience, crafting a career that defies the conventional boundaries of her age.


Her love for sport began in childhood. It was here, in those early days, where she discovered the camaraderie that comes with it. “That's when everyone should fall in love with sport, right?" she asks, lighting up as she recalls those earlier memories. “Before the pressure and expectations start up. When it’s about spending time with your friends”. 


While tennis was her first sport, it was the team spirit of football that truly captured her heart. “To be honest, tennis was a lot more serious” she shares. "When you’re eight years old, you show a little bit of talent and then your coach starts telling you that you could be the next Serena Williams, so you have to work harder and spend time away from your friends, it tends to take the fun out of it. I wasn’t playing for that. At eight, I just wanted to have fun with my friends. I now know that putting pressure on a young person to excel week after week, is not good for the long term. Far from it. You have to teach them to love the game first. 


My relationship with sports changed when I started playing football. My friend, who lived across the road, played for the local football club. His dad was the coach” she remembers. “One day I knocked on the door and told him I wanted to join his team. He told me that if I got myself a pair of shin pads, I could come and join. So I did. And the rest is history. I found myself in an environment where I was having fun and couldn’t wait to get my boots on. I fell in love with the game and all it represented”. 


With her innate talent & natural skills developing on and off the pitch, thanks to her time at Brighton & Hove Academy, at 16 Emily joined Chelsea FC, the current Women’s Super League Champions. It was a move that would quickly put her on a path towards the pinnacle of her sport. It was a defining moment, marking her transition from a hopeful young enthusiast to a professional in the making. "Joining Chelsea wasn't just about playing football; it taught me so much about life - it’s a whole new level. I’m standing on the shoulders of giants, I know that. Mentors and professionals who’ve quite literally trail-blazed their way to the top. I will never take that for granted” she tells me. Her time at Chelsea was so much more than training; it was a period of intense growth, both on and off the field. 


It was here that she gained an invaluable perspective on what it means to be an elite athlete and to develop a mental fortitude that separates the good from the great. "Being an elite performer is as much about mindset as it is about physical ability," she asserts. "You have to make sacrifices. You can’t get away from that. I do believe though that anyone can be elite in their chosen field. It all comes down to your mindset”. Her typical training day, a blend of planning and rigorous practice, mirrors that commitment to excellence. “Consistency, at every level, every day” she explains “is key”. 


Emily's career, punctuated by her loan to Crystal Palace and her current placement at Reading FC, has been a testament to that consistency and growth. However, these achievements were not without their challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic, coinciding with her first professional steps, added an unforeseen complexity to her journey. Balancing academics and a burgeoning career, Emily faced pressures that would have overwhelmed many. But in these challenges, she found her strength. "Every hurdle was a lesson in resilience, a step towards understanding myself and the game better," she reflects.


The truth is, as in life, in sports not every game ends in celebration. Emily's approach to games that don’t go as planned is as much a part of her success as her victories are. "It's about taking a step back, analysing what went wrong, and how we can improve," she explains. “For an athlete, the hardest emotions to deal with are when things aren't going right. Suddenly, doing the basic things feels can feel so confusing, because you're overthinking them. The key is to analyse it with an open mind rather than an emotional mind. This is something I’m still working on. But it’s getting easier”. This reflective practice has been instrumental in shaping her approach to both victories and defeats.


Fast forward five years, and Emily envisions a version of herself that combines the wisdom of experience with the fervour of youth. She sees a future where her career is not just about personal achievements but about inspiring the next generation of female footballers. "I want to be a role model. Someone who can show that with passion and perseverance, with consistency and growth, anything is possible," she says, her eyes gleaming at me with determination. “A big driver of mine is equality and making sure that women are respected as they should be. I love proving that women can do it too. Put in the work, put in the effort, be consistent about it and you can be every bit as successful as anyone else”. 


Beyond the football field, Emily has a blend of practices that help her to balance work & life. Cooking, reading, and traveling are facets that contribute to her well-being and performance. “It’s so important to reset. To balance work with life. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always easy for me to switch off, I'm not particularly renowned for being good at that. I do love to travel and see new places, but I’m usually desperate to get back to work. Those fundamental habits like cooking, reading, travel though, they’re so important to keeping it real” she shares.


No athlete's journey is a solo endeavour, and Emily is quick to acknowledge the role of her support system in her career. "I wouldn't be where I am without the people who have supported me every step of the way," she says gratefully. “The women I've worked with at Chelsea growing up have been so integral to my development and also to my confidence. Magdalena Eriksson was the best captain I've ever played under. She is such a great leader and I have learned so much from her. She was always so open for a conversation”. Emily speaks so highly of her teammates. There’s a real sense of sisterhood - a support system, encompassing family, friends, and mentors. It’s been integral in her development as both an athlete and a person.


As for the future of women in sports, Emily is both hopeful and pragmatic. "I want to see a world where sport is accessible to all, where being a female athlete is celebrated and supported," she says. “we need to create more space for our girls to engage in sport. Spaces where sports are fun and not considered a chore. Sport has given me so much; I honestly can’t ever imagine a life where it doesn’t feature at the core of everything for me”. Emily’s vision for a future where the barriers in women's sports are dismantled is one shared by her peers. With recent successes, the future is wide open for a new era of equality and opportunity.


Emily Orman's story is not just about the goals she's saved or the matches she's played; it's about the journey of a young woman who fell in love with a sport, dared to dream, and had the courage to chase those dreams. It's a narrative of resilience, growth, and the unyielding spirit of an athlete who is not just playing a game but playing her part in changing the landscape of sports. Her journey continues, each chapter more compelling than the last, as she moves forward with the grace & determination of an athlete and the heart of a pioneer.


Watch this space…the future is there for this exceptionally bright young athlete. 

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