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Helen Seymour

Former RAF Fast Jet Pilot 

Tracey Duke

"Helen Seymour, a pioneering former Flight Lieutenant and the first woman to command the Eurofighter Typhoon in combat, embodies resilience, leadership, and the power of breaking barriers. Alongside Rosie Steevenson, their speaking partnership offers a unique fusion of high-stakes aviation insights with universal themes of perseverance, adaptability, and overcoming adversity"



Former RAF Flight Lieutenant Helen Seymour's path to becoming the first woman to pilot the £75 million, 1,550mph Eurofighter Typhoon jet is as unconventional as it is inspiring.


Initially drawn towards a career in medicine, Helen's trajectory took a change in direction when a friend introduced her to the Air Cadets. This encounter sparked an interest in aviation that would eventually eclipse her medical aspirations.


While studying at Queen Mary University of London, Helen joined the University Air Squadron, further fuelling her passion for flying. Despite facing initial setbacks, including failing the pilot aptitude tests, Helen's resilience shone through. An opportunity aimed at addressing the gender imbalance in RAF pilots reignited her ambition, leading her to pass the tests on her second attempt and embark on a distinguished 20-year career in military aviation which saw her become the first woman to fly the Eurofighter Typhoon in combat.


What to Expect

In her compelling presentations with with former RAF colleague Rosie Steevenson, Helen shares the high-octane tales of her aviation career, seamlessly weaving them with universal themes of resilience, leadership, and navigating male-dominated spaces. Audiences are treated to an authentic and engaging narrative that covers her initial foray into the RAF, the challenges and triumphs of flying combat missions, and the critical moments that tested her mettle. Through her personal anecdotes, Helen provides a window into the life of a pioneering aviator, offering insights that resonate with a wide array of listeners.


Helen's story is particularly impactful for highlighting the role of personal confidence and preparation in overcoming challenges. Through her experiences, she champions the importance of vulnerability as a strength, encouraging a culture of support and understanding. In sharing her journey, Helen empowers her audience to pursue their aspirations with courage and conviction, making her narrative an invaluable source of inspiration and guidance for individuals and organisations alike.

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A Lasting Impact 

The impact of Helen's career transcends her pioneering role in military aviation, encapsulating a narrative rich with lessons on resilience, authenticity, and groundbreaking leadership.


Her story is a testament to the transformative power of facing adversities head-on, illustrating how challenges often serve as catalysts for growth and lead individuals down paths rich with unexpected rewards. Helen's approach to leadership is marked by a trailblazing spirit that not only challenges conventional norms but also lays down new benchmarks.


Her journey underscores the critical importance of aligning one's professional endeavours with their genuine passions, advocating that fulfilment and profound impact are the fruits of such alignment.

From her experiences, several additional leadership lessons emerge, including the significance of embracing one's unique identity in fostering a sense of confidence and purpose. Helen's story also emphasises the subtle power of quiet confidence over overt bravado, and the strength inherent in acknowledging vulnerabilities, which can cultivate a more inclusive and supportive environment. Through her actions and words, Helen personifies integrity and authenticity in leadership, inspiring a legacy that motivates individuals and organisations to pursue excellence with courage and conviction.

Ideal Audiences

Helen's message are particularly beneficial for:


  • Leadership teams seeking to enhance decision-making under pressure.

  • Organisations in high-stakes industries - government, aviation, defence, technology -  looking for insights on resilience and adaptability.

  • Human resources and organisational development professionals focusing on diversity, inclusivity, and team dynamics.

  • Conferences and seminars dedicated to leadership, team management, and women in leadership roles.


Alongside Rosie Steevenson, Helen offers a unique package of experience and insight, which makes them ideal speakers for a wide range of audiences looking for authentic, impactful, and transformative presentations. 


Quick Look 
Helen Seymour

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Lincolnshire, England

WhoHelen Seymour, the first woman to pilot the Eurofighter Typhoon, in both peacetime and combat, holds an illustrious 20 year career in the RAF. Together with former colleague & 360 Speaker Rosie Steevenson, she leverages her vast experience, with a focus on human performance, leadership, resilience, and breaking boundaries.

What to Expect: Expect an enthralling journey with Helen Seymour and Rosie Steevenson, as they unveil the riveting stories of their RAF careers, intertwined with poignant lessons on resilience and leadership. Their narrative, rich with firsthand experiences and challenges, not only captivates but empowers audiences, advocating for diversity, confidence, and the strength found in vulnerability.

Lasting Impact: Helen's legacy extends beyond her trailblazing RAF career, instilling vital lessons in resilience, leadership, and diversity. Her narrative, emphasising the power of embracing challenges and aligning passions with professional paths, inspires individuals and organisations to transcend traditional barriers, fostering innovation and inclusive growth through authenticity and integrity.


Available for: Keynote Talks. Panel Discussions. Workshops & Training Sessions. Guest Lecturing. Media Appearances & Interviews. Joint Presentations with Rosie Steevenson

Popular With: Leadership Teams. High Stakes Industries. HR & Organisational Development. Conferences & Seminars


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