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Jade Heusen
The Rhythm of Resilience -
astering High Performance

Every so often, if we're lucky, we experience those rare, serendipitous moments that stay with us—instances where time seems to pause, and you find yourself in the company of someone truly remarkable. Meeting Jade Heusen was one such moment for me. There was an immediate magnetism about her, a presence that resonated with a quiet yet unmistakable power. It was clear, even before a word was exchanged, that here was a person whose story I was eager to unfurl.

As fate would have it, getting to know Jade was as much a pleasure as it was an enlightenment. Her life story is a narrative of strength, focus, and unwavering resilience—a testament to the profound beauty and strength that emanates from the disciplined world of ballet. It's a juxtaposition that not only captivates but engages on a multitude of levels, much like the performances she once led on the world stage.

In conversation, Jade embodies the very essence of elegance and grace—qualities one might expect from a prima ballerina. She pairs these with an intelligence and an acumen for leadership that transcends the arts, touching upon the universal truths of leading high-performing teams with finesse and vision. Her insights into excellence, both in the arts and in life's broader stage, are as inspiring as they are instructive.

It is with great honour and genuine pleasure that I present to you an insight into the world of Jade Heusen. Through her story, we are reminded of the beauty of resilience, the elegance of strength, and the indelible impact one individual can have through sharing their journey.


Stay inspired. Stay curious. 



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When meeting Jade Heusen, for the first time, you cannot help but be struck by her composure and grace, qualities not solely attributable to her training but intrinsic to her character. This Devon-born artist, an alumnus of the Royal Ballet and Elmhurst Ballet School, brings a presence to the room that is both humble and commanding. With a career that graced the stages of the Birmingham Royal Ballet for nearly a decade, she has honed not just the art of dance, but the art of connection—engaging deeply in each conversation as if it were a duet, with a focus that makes every interaction feel like the centre of the performance.


Her journey through the performing arts is marked by an understated yet unwavering brilliance that has earned standing ovations across the globe. This chapter of her life, defined by disciplined rehearsals and the spotlight's glow, stands as a testament to a career built on resilience, dedication, and an innate ability to captivate an audience.


While Jade Heusen’s name was synonymous with ballet excellence, her artistic journey was far from inscribed within the lines of a traditional ballet programme. As the curtain dropped on her illustrious ballet career, you might have expected a grand exit, a retreat into the wings of the stage of life. But for Jade, that final bow was less of a goodbye and more of a segue to an unexpected encore in a different genre altogether.


After retiring from ballet, a move to London resulted in a serendipitous meeting with the late Sir Bill Kenwright, a titan of theatre, who saw in Jade not just the precision of a ballerina, but the raw potential of a star for the musical theatre. 


With the ink barely dry on her ballet shoes, Jade landed the cover role for the female lead in Saturday Night Fever, where she went on to tour the UK & Tokyo to standing ovations. "One minute you're a swan, the next you're strutting your stuff like Travolta" Jade recounts with a chuckle, "Life certainly has a sense of humour! But it was absolutely the greatest honour”.

Embracing her nights as the show’s leading lady, her presence filled the theatres in ways she had never imagined. Audiences who once admired her delicate pirouettes were now enraptured by her voice and vibrant character portrayal. “It’s one thing to perform a fouetté, quite another to belt out a tune while doing the hustle,” she jests. Her transition wasn’t just a change in performance style; it was a celebration of the boundless scope of her artistry. Jade's approach to life, much like her approach to art, balances preparation with spontaneity. She carries an innate confidence, a product of her relentless work ethic and her ability to pivot when circumstances demand: "If I’m not ready.. then let's get me ready." she says. A mantra for life we could all do worse than to live by. This adaptability, deeply ingrained in her being, has allowed her to embrace the spectrum of the performing arts with a fervour that is palpable. Lockdown in the UK then brought about not one but two pregnancies for Jade & her partner, opening a profound window for personal reflection and growth. It became a period where she assessed and realigned her life's priorities without compromising the essence of her identity. Her philosophy rings clear and true: "Work will always be there. But these early years of motherhood - I’ll never get them back so I really want to be present for them." This sentiment reflects Jade's authentic self—grounded, yet soaring; pragmatic, yet profoundly devoted to the heartbeat of family life. However and, in every great story, there’s always a however, it was during this chapter of early motherhood that an unexpected call from the West End swept in to rock the status quo. “I was elbow-deep in domestic life, unblocking a loo, or perhaps changing a nappy—glamorous, I know,” Jade says with a self-deprecating smile, recounting the surreal moment. The production - Saturday Night Fever - was running in the West End and it needed her immediately for emergency lead cover. In what she describes as a "yes mode," a mindset cultivated from years of seizing the stage Jade agreed, trusting in her capacity to rise to the occasion despite the unconventional timing. “It had been almost 2 1/2 years since I’d been on a stage but I thought, well, why not? When life hands you an unexpected script, you don't turn down the role,” she quips. The following day unfolded with the sort of backstage drama that never makes it to the audience: a whirlwind of rehearsals with a young actor barely off-book for his lead role and Jade, five and a half months pregnant, stepping in to save the show. “There was no time for a costume fit for my burgeoning belly, just sheer will and perhaps a dash of madness,” she laughs. But behind the humour lay an undeniable truth—a testament to her unwavering commitment to the arts and an innate desire to support her peers and the industry she loves. In the wake of this adrenaline-fueled return, which turned out to be a pretty memorial one-night stand after Covid ripped through the cast, Jade’s affinity for the industry only deepened, recognising it as a vast network of support that extended far beyond the footlights. "There's a sort of magic in the mayhem," she muses, reflecting on the kindness of Bill Kenwright and his partner, Jenny Seagrove, who extended their home to her during this turbulent time. "It's in these moments you realise the stage is more than a platform; it's a community, a family that looks out for one another.” Jade’s career has been a vibrant tapestry woven across continents and celebrated from the Opera Houses of Germany to the theatres of Hong Kong. Each stage, each role, each curtain call added layers to her story; a narrative that continues to unfold with the same grace and intensity she once dedicated solely to dance. It’s a genuine honour to hear her speak so fondly of the camaraderie and solidarity she experienced, where the collective strength and heart of the ballet community are as tangible as the applause that followed their performances. Now, as Jade navigates the delicate balance between motherhood and her ever-evolving career path, she does so with the same elegance and determination that once defined performances. Her journey stands as a light to the shared journey of artists—a reminder that within each performer lies a resilience that dances on, long after the spotlight fades. The resilience that Jade embodies is not loud or ostentatious but rooted in a serene certainty. It's this inner fortitude that has carried her across the thresholds of dance studios and theatrical stages, through illness, and into the arms of supportive colleagues. Her life's unwritten script is punctuated by her generosity of spirit, turning personal challenges into opportunities for growth and sharing her narrative to illuminate the paths of others. In Jade Heusen, we find a harmonious blend of steely determination, compassionate leadership, and impeccable artistry. Her life story is a testament to the power of evolution and the relentless pursuit of passion. As she greets the spotlight, it is evident that her journey through life mirrors the artistry she displays on stage—a dance of elegance, resilience, and inspiration that extends its embrace far beyond the footlights.

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