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Kim Ingleby
The Resilience Revolution

As the founder of the 360 Team, I regularly have the privilege of meeting some truly extraordinary individuals. Kim Ingleby is no exception.


Her essence radiates a unique blend of kindness, intuition, and profound empathy. It's an absolute pleasure to encounter someone with such a genuine desire to uplift and support at every level, yet Kim does this effortlessly. With Kim taking to your stage, guidance transforms into a deeply intuitive journey, tailor-made for each individual she encounters. Her approach, an extraordinary amalgamation of scientific data, instinctive understanding, and unfeigned grace, sets her apart in the realm of personal development and high-performance coaching.

Getting to know Kim has been a truly enriching experience in understanding the true potential of human connection and support. Her reputation precedes her. Deeply respected by all who have the pleasure of knowing her, what she brings to the table is unequivocally unique. I am thrilled to introduce Kim Ingleby to the 360 Team and equally excited for the journey that lies ahead with her as a part of our extraordinary line-up.

Stay inspired. Stay curious. 



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When it comes to personal development and high-performance coaching, Kim Ingleby stands tall as a woman of resilience and transformative influence. Her journey, characterised by profound depth, genuine empathy, and relentless pursuit of growth, offers a unique window into the life of a woman who has harnessed adversity to empower not only herself but countless others.


Kim’s ethos, as she puts it, is about "facing challenges that seem insurmountable, transforming severe personal health struggles into opportunities for empowerment." 


This philosophy has been the cornerstone of her career, especially since launching Energised Performance in 2004. Her specific approach, integrating sports therapy with neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy, goes beyond mere physical fitness, delving into the realms of mental and emotional resilience. It’s a comprehensive method that has seen success throughout a diverse client base, from Olympic athletes and professional dance champions, to individuals facing personal adversities.


Reflecting on her mission, Kim shares, “Connecting deeply with each individual's unique journey is essential. Whether it's aiding a world-class athlete or someone grappling with personal difficulties, the goal remains constant – to ignite belief and resilience.”


Kim's own narrative is interwoven with significant health challenges, each presenting a formidable test of her fortitude and becoming a source of profound empathy and insight. She views each obstacle as "a conduit for self-discovery and a means to develop tools to aid others.”


Away from her professional accolades, Kim is an ardent advocate of holistic wellness and adventure. Her passion for outdoor activities is not just a pastime; it's integral to her life philosophy. She finds balance and clarity in nature, embodying the very principles of wellness and growth that she imparts to others.


Her speaking engagements reflect her life’s philosophy, blending vulnerability and authenticity with actionable insight. Kim believes deeply in the power of storytelling, using personal narratives to forge connections and inspire change. "Stories of our struggles and triumphs," she asserts, "are what bind us together." As we chat, she cites Emerson's words to underscore her perspective on life and resilience: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Kim’s impact is enduring. She leaves her audience with a mindset oriented towards resilience and comprehensive well-being, providing essential tools for navigating commonplace organisational & personal challenges. 


Looking forward, Kim's aspirations are both clear and ambitious. She aims to expand her influence, touching more lives and spearheading a resilience revolution. "The future," she declares, "is about catalysing change and inspiring a broader conversation about the power of resilience.”


In Kim Ingleby, we encounter more than a coach or speaker. She is a beacon of guidance, an agent of change, and a storyteller who invites us all to discover the untapped resilience and potential within.

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