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Concert Audience


I am so pleased to welcome you to 360 Speakers, This is a place where we celebrate the heroes, the champions, and the trailblazers. As someone I hugely respect, you are a perfect & natural addition to what has become an extraordinary line-up of speakers.


As part of our commitment to a smooth and engaging onboarding process, I have designed a schedule so you know exactly what to expect and when. 

Please make sure to reach out to me at any time; tag me in your posts @mstraceyduke, celebrate your wins with me and let me know when you're up to something exciting. I am here to support you and back you all the way! 


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Step 1.

Speaker Profile &
Exclusive Interview:

Our first step together is a relaxed & personal conversation. I want to know your story, your passions, and what matters to you, so that I can share your unique perspective with the world.  From this one conversation, I'll create your bio, an interview and an extra, relaxed Q&A style piece. 

Step 2.

Speaker Bio

Once you've approved everything, your new profile will go live on our website within a week of our meeting. This is where you'll attract the attention of those who need to hear you most.


N.B Please ensure you send a selection of your favourite professional profile shots, along with a showreel/video link and, if possible, 30 seconds of B Reel for your profile page. Take at look at Nick Goldsmith's page for an example of B Reel. 


Free Simple Modern Circle Design Studio Logo-3.png
Free Simple Modern Circle Design Studio Logo-3.png

Step 3.

Social Media Introduction

Next up - we'll shout from the digital rooftops! Using our key platforms; LinkedIn & Instagram, I'll proudly announce your signing, along with updating our email subscribers & contacting those we think may also be interested. I will pro-actively promote your profile as part of an ongoing awareness campaign. 

Step 4. 

Publish Your Exclusive Interview 

Within your first month with us, I'll share your interview on social media and subscribers. If you happen to have had any new profile shots taken during the month, please feel free to send them over to me and I'll make sure to use them

Free Simple Modern Circle Design Studio Logo-3.png
Free Simple Modern Circle Design Studio Logo-3.png

Step 5.

Recent Media

Once we're up and running, please make sure to send over links to any new interviews​ or media you've created and we can make sure to add it to the Recent Media section of your page, keeping it as up to date as possible. 

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