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Paul Cashmore

Elite Hunter on Channel 4's Hunted | High Performance Coach

“Resilience isn't just about bouncing back; it's about growing through challenges and transforming pressure into performance. Paul’s mission is to help you unlock your team's potential by turning adversity into strength, using lessons from the frontline and insights into human behaviour to do so"

Tracey Duke



Paul Cashmore is a renowned speaker, resilience specialist, and former Metropolitan Police officer, whose dynamic career spans from the front lines of law enforcement to starring, for ten years, in Channel 4's highest-rating series, Hunted.


His journey is not simply about chasing down fugitives, but about uncovering the depths of human potential under pressure. His extraordinary career path includes disarming gunmen, saving lives, and providing support in some of the most high-pressure situations imaginable.

His work in the Met Police, where he was awarded commendations for his involvement in high-stakes operations and critical decision-making under extreme stress, laid the foundation for his profound insights into human behaviour and resilience.


His on-going role on Hunted further hones his skills, making him a master at reading people and situations - a skill he now translates into powerful lessons for his audiences. Paul’s ability to blend real-world experiences with theoretical knowledge makes him an authority on performance under pressure, offering a unique perspective that is both inspirational and grounded in practical reality.

Paul's approach is characterised by a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, informed by his exploration of spirituality and quantum physics. His belief in the power of intuition and energy to transform our approach to challenges sets him apart in the field of personal and professional development. His commitment to authenticity and emotional intelligence shines through his work, making him a trusted voice in developing leadership, resilience, and teamwork.

What to Expect

Expect engaging, thought-provoking, and meticulously prepared presentations that combine personal anecdotes with robust research. His speaking style is compelling and approachable, filled with real-life examples that resonate deeply with his audience. Attendees can expect a blend of storytelling, interactive discussions, and practical exercises designed to foster understanding and application of the concepts discussed.

Key themes in Paul’s talks include:

  • Emotional Resilience: How to harness and manage emotional responses to enhance performance and decision-making under stress.

  • Intuitive Intelligence: Unlocking the power of intuition in leadership and everyday decisions, balanced with cognitive insights.

  • Team Dynamics: Building stronger, more supportive teams by understanding and leveraging individual strengths and fostering a culture of mutual support.

  • Mindfulness and Energy: Exploring the science and spirituality behind personal well-being and its impact on professional effectiveness.

His presentations are designed to catalyse change, encouraging participants to explore new ways of thinking and behaving that promote growth and success.


A Lasting Impact 

Paul insights are particularly transformative for organisations facing high-pressure environments, those undergoing significant change, and teams looking to enhance cohesion and resilience. His experiences provide invaluable lessons for:

  • Corporate Executives: Gaining strategies to manage stress and make balanced decisions under pressure.

  • Professional Sports Teams: Learning to harness mental toughness and team dynamics for peak performance.

  • Healthcare Professionals: Developing emotional resilience and empathy in high-stakes environments.

  • Law Enforcement and Security Teams: Enhancing situational awareness and decision-making in crisis situations.

  • HR and Wellness Programmes: Implementing programs that support mental health and foster a resilient workforce.

The lasting impact of his sessions include improved leadership skills, enhanced team performance, and a deeper understanding of how to navigate and transform stress and adversity into opportunities for growth. Organisations will benefit from a more empowered, mindful, and cohesive workforce, ready to tackle challenges with confidence and support each other in the process.

Paul Cashmore

Quick Look


Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: London, England

Who: ​​Paul Cashmore is a renowned speaker, resilience specialist, and former Metropolitan Police officer with a dynamic career spanning policing to starring in Channel 4's Hunted. His work uncovers human potential under pressure, blending real-world experience with insights into behaviour and resilience, offering transformative lessons in leadership and teamwork.


What to Expect: Paul’s talks are engaging and thought-provoking, blending personal anecdotes with rigorous research. Expect compelling storytelling, interactive discussions, and practical exercises that enhance emotional resilience, intuitive intelligence, team dynamics, and mindfulness. His approach catalyses change, encouraging new ways of thinking and behaving for growth and success.

The Lasting Impact: Paul’s insights transform organisations by teaching strategies to manage stress, enhance team dynamics, and improve decision-making under pressure. His sessions lead to stronger leadership, heightened team performance, and a resilient, supportive workforce ready to transform adversity into growth, fostering a cohesive environment to tackle challenges confidently.

Available for: Keynote Talks. Motivational Talks. Panel Discussions. TV & Media. Podcasts

Popular With: Corporate Leadership Teams. High-Performance Sports Teams. Startups. Military and Police. 



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