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Simon Harmer

Resilience Expert | Former Military Medic | Advocate for Positive Mental Fitness



When you hear the name Simon Harmer, think resilience, adventure, and life changing wisdom. Simon's life story, stretching from his days as a military medic serving in locations like Bosnia, Iraq, the Democratic Republic Congo, and Afghanistan to his life-altering experience of surviving a devastating explosion, is nothing short of extraordinary.


A maverick in spirit and action, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to a situation, Simon turned his injury and recovery into a beacon of hope and resilience. His indomitable will to live, fueled by his deep love for his wife Marisa and their shared life, is an inspiration to all who hear his story.


But Simon's passion doesn't stop at his own story. He’s made it his mission to change the way men approach mental health and friendships; seeing a gap in communication and support, Simon took the initiative and founded the Bloke’s Supper Club, a growing network of men supporting each other through life's challenges. Simon's belief in the power of mentorship is another pillar of his ethos. He champions the idea that life is a continuous learning journey, with a need for mentors and mentees in every season of life. Simon’s list of clientele reads like a who's who of leading organisations. He has had the privilege to share his wisdom and experiences with clients such as Daphni - Venture Capital & Private Equity Principals, Vinci, Facebook, Relate, Bristol RFU, Virgin Media, Debenhams, London School of Business, Deloitte, TEDx, Society of Construction Law, Airbus, Lloyds Bank, Telent, Northampton Saints, HSBC, New Scientist Live, VW, Camerlot, nCipher, and Sky.

What to Expect

Prepare for a riveting encounter with a real-life hero when you invite Simon Harmer to the stage. His ability to weave captivating narratives around his remarkable experiences ensures that no two talks are alike.


You'll be on the edge of your seat as Simon recounts his time on the front lines in Afghanistan and the moment that changed his life forever. Feel your heart pound as he describes the excruciating pain and his fierce determination to survive for his wife, Marisa. Be ready to be moved to tears and laughter as Simon shares his journey of recovery, filled with hurdles, victories, and a lot of humour.


But Simon's story goes beyond his personal trials. As he talks about founding the Blokes Supper Club, expect to rethink the way we view male friendships, mental health, and the importance of support networks. Get ready for a conversation that breaks down barriers and paves the way for open, honest, and essential discussions on these often-overlooked topics. When Simon delves into the importance of mentorship, you'll find yourself inspired to either become a mentor or seek one. His firm belief in the transformative power of learning from others and sharing your own wisdom will open your eyes to the possibilities for personal and professional growth that lie within your reach. Simon Harmer isn't just a speaker; he's a life-altering experience. His talks are a rollercoaster ride of emotion, wisdom, and inspiration, leaving audiences & teams changed, charged, and ready to face life's challenges with a renewed spirit.


Simon Harmer
Quick Look 

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Hampshire, England

Who: Simon is a resilience expert, former military medic, and motivational speaker known for his riveting tales of overcoming adversity, promoting mental health, and championing community and mentorship.

What to Expect: Expect an engaging and transformative experience with Simon Harmer as he shares inspiring narratives about resilience, mental health advocacy, and the power of mentorship

Available for: TV Presenting.  Keynote Talks. After Dinner Talks. Podcasts. Virtual Events. Panel Discussions. 

Popular With: Simon Harmer is sought after by global corporations, educational institutions, and health and wellness organisations.

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