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Nicki Bass

Former Army Officer | Business Psychologist | Leadership & Resilience Development   


Underscored by a military career that’s seen her lead teams in conflict zones across the globe, Nicki Bass has built a formidable brand around resilience, high-performance, and business psychology. With an 18-year military career, she has navigated the complexities of team dynamics and conflict resolution in some of the world’s most volatile settings. It’s a formative experience that feeds her academic excellence as she works toward a Doctorate in Occupational Psychology. But what truly defines Nicki are the values she carries—empathy, openness, and a boundless curiosity that drives her to explore new perspectives.


A voracious learner and an adventurer at heart, Nicki channels her passion into her podcast, offering a nuanced dialogue on living adventurously and building resilience. She represents a blend of academic rigour and lived experience that is as rare as it is impactful. Her multidimensional approach to problem-solving exemplifies a life committed to learning and constant growth.


What to Expect

When Nicki takes to your stage, whether physical or digital, it's more akin to a master class in human psychology and high-performance mindset. Her presentations aren't just educational entertainment; they're tailored, strategic interventions backed by empirical research and a wealth of firsthand experience. She approaches her speaking engagements with an authenticity that puts audiences at ease, inviting them to engage in a conversation rather than sit through a lecture. She prides herself on being adaptable, capable of connecting with a diverse range of industries and sectors. It's this flexibility that allows her to stay true to her values of openness and inclusivity, enabling a wider array of people to benefit from her wisdom.


But it’s her capacity for deep, active listening that separates her from others in the field. She’s not there to lecture but to understand, to diagnose systemic issues within organisations and prescribe solutions that are as creative as they are effective.


A Lasting Impact 

But what distinguishes Nicki is not just her resume, impressive as it is. It's her capacity to enact lasting change, to turn theory into actionable plans that lead to real-world outcomes. Her podcast isn’t just a side gig—it’s an extension of her philosophy, a platform that gives voice to the invisible narratives around resilience, outdoor experiences, and mental health. This showcases her commitment to holistic well-being, a testament to her values of compassion and accessibility.


Affiliations with prestigious organisations like The British Psychological Society and Chartered Management Institute add credibility to her cause, but it’s her capacity for human connection that leaves an indelible mark. 




As with all our speakers, in Nicki you don't just find a speaker; you find a thought leader dedicated to sustainable transformation. Her commitment to accessibility, diversity, and constant evolution make her not just an asset to any event but an imperative.  Her voice is not just an echo in the wilderness; it is an unequivocal call for systemic change, a lasting testament to what is possible when resilience, intellectual rigour, and deep empathy converge. Nicki Bass doesn't just speak about change; she embodies it, lives it, and most importantly, inspires it.

Nicki Bass
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Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Bournemouth, England

Who: Nicki is a distinguished Business Psychologist and Army veteran with over 18 years of leadership experience in the UK and conflict zones worldwide. Founder of Resilience at Work, she blends her lived experiences with academic insights to offer unique perspectives on resilience. Nicki also hosts a podcast focusing on adventurous living and is a doctoral candidate in Occupational Psychology.

What to Expect: Expect a dynamic blend of science-backed insights and real-world experience from Nicki. Her talks delve into resilience, human behaviour, and high-performance teams, offering actionable strategies to thrive under pressure. She captivates audiences with a mix of compelling stories and evidence-based solutions.


The Lasting Impact: Nicki leaves a transformative imprint on her audiences. Her potent blend of military experience and psychological acumen equips individuals and teams with resilient mindsets for facing life's challenges head-on. With Nicki, the impact endures well beyond the stage, embedding a culture of high performance and continuous growth.

Available for: Keynote Talks. Corporate Training Sessions. Leadership Summits. Wellness Events. Industry Conferences. Personal Development Seminars. 

Popular With: Corporates and SMEs. Consulting Firms. Military & Defense Organisations. Outdoor Adventure Organisations & Expos. Government Agencies. Professional Sports Teams. 

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