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G D Media

Official Media Partners for 360 Speakers

“Never underestimate the impact of great photography - it's storytelling at it's most powerful. Partnering with Gareth & Jess was a clear and obvious choice for 360 - 
words will go so far in writing your story, but it's the visuals that will set it apart. Be assured, Gareth & Jess will deliver every time”

Tracey Duke



Gareth & Jess Davies, are the creative force behind GD Media - 360’s exclusive media partners. Together, they bring a unique & dynamic blend of creativity to the table - their growing team of highly skilled creatives, all sharing a passion for storytelling through visuals.


With a reputation for creating authentic, meaningful content, they work on projects across the UK and beyond, with clients ranging from big brands to startups.


In our eyes they stand apart for their attention to detail and their deep understanding of the message our speakers want to convey. 

What to Expect

In working with GD Media, you'll be in for a tailored experience that aligns perfectly with our values of curiosity & excellence.


Gareth and Jess take the time to understand your message, to ensure that every photo or video captures both your image and your story, complimenting your 360 exclusive bio and interview perfectly. 

With storytelling at its heart, their work is characterised by its originality and attention to detail. And with exclusive rates available for 360 speakers & our clients, be assured that quality is never compromised for cost.

Tom Foley.jpg

A Lasting Legacy

The impact of GD Media's work is measured by the stories they help tell. Their visuals are simply stunning: we’ve already seen what are sure to become iconic shots emerging from their shoots with Martin, Tom & Matt. 


Choosing to work with Gareth & Jess means creating a visual legacy that will resonate with your audience, adding depth & impact to your work. 

Whether a Speaker, or a client wishing to capture the essence of their event, GD Media have to be a first choice option. 


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