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360 Insights

Sid Sutton - From Fear into Growth

In "Embracing the Past, Shaping the Future," Sid Sutton delves into the transformative power of acknowledging past fears without judgment. He explores the concept that our past shapes our fears but doesn't define our potential, advocating for acceptance and growth as pathways to a more empowered present and a hopeful future.

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Nick O'Sullivan - Ethical Leadership

Nick O'Sullivan MBE, a former Royal Marine Commando Officer, addresses the imperative of ethical leadership in light of the Post Office scandal, underscoring the dire consequences of unethical decisions on individuals and society. Drawing from personal experiences and historical insights, he advocates for leadership that prioritises the well-being of people and the environment, emphasising the role of ethical integrity in fostering a culture of accountability and sustainable success​

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Pete Durant - Finding The Pulse In AI

In an exclusive article written for 360 Speakers, Pete Durant examines the monumental impact of artificial intelligence on the marketing industry. From disruptive ad tech to generative content, Durant provides a nuanced look at the challenges and advantages AI presents. A must-read.


Jay Worthy - Resilient Leadership

Jay Worthy's insight piece advocates for a shift towards 'Resilient Leadership,' a concept where leadership is seen as a symbiotic system with four key areas: purpose, health, transmission, and presence. By maintaining balance in these areas, leaders can navigate challenges more effectively, moving away from the cyclical pattern of hastily replacing leaders without understanding underlying issues.


2024 - 7 Key Speaking Trends

Discover 2024's key speaking trends with 360 Speakers. Delve into topics like AI, belonging, neurodiversity, mental health, and corporate culture. Our diverse roster of experts offers insights and strategies for navigating these dynamic areas, ensuring engaging, impactful events that resonate with audiences and shape future dialogues.

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