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360 Webinars

Conversations That Matter

Hosted by Tracey Duke, our monthly webinars create a space where our speakers and leaders share the realities of their own leadership journeys. They'll dive into the conversations that matter to you and answer the questions you didn't know you wanted to ask.


To register for one, or all of the sessions below, drop an email through the link and we'll be in touch with details on a conversation you’ll want to be part of.

Session 1 - Thursday 25th April (8pm BST)

The Business of Rugby
What the Business World Can Learn from Elite Rugby

Session 2 - Thursday 23rd May (8pm)

Military Leadership -
Lessons From the Frontline

Session 3 - Thursday 20th June (8pm)

The Adventurers
Leadership & Exploration

Session 4 - Thursday 25th July (8pm)

High Performance

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