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Pip Stewart

Adventurer | Author

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When it comes to modern exploration and environmental advocacy, Pip Stewart shines as a trailblazer whose exploits redefine the boundaries of adventure. Her narrative is not simply about the miles covered, but the stories woven through each culture encountered and every challenge overcome.


With a background that straddles the adrenaline-fuelled world of adventure journalism and the nuanced sphere of environmental conservation, Pip's endeavours illuminate her multifaceted character: a blend of fearless explorer, empathetic storyteller, and committed environmentalist.


Her journey, marked by resilience and a profound connection with the natural world, positions her as a highly influential woman inspiring a new generation to challenge the status quo and to look to all they can be. 

What to Expect

Pip talks are a masterclass in storytelling and the spirit of adventure. Audiences are treated to tales that encapsulate the highs of navigating uncharted waters and the introspection that comes with long nights under starlit skies.


Her stories, like her harrowing battle with a life-threatening tropical disease and the insights gained from living amongst indigenous communities, are imbued with the knowledge of firsthand experience and the eloquence of a seasoned communicator.


Pip's ability to articulate complex environmental issues and personal growth narratives through the lens of adventure makes her talks not only captivating but profoundly impactful.


A Lasting Impact 

Pip's contributions extend far beyond the exhilaration of adventure; they delve into pressing global concerns and personal empowerment. Her work resonates with a diverse array of audiences, from aspiring environmentalists and seasoned business leaders to students yearning for a taste of the unknown. The value of her talks lies in their ability to bridge worlds, connecting the raw beauty of untamed landscapes with the corridors of corporate power and the halls of academia. 


Pip Stewart is a catalyst for change, encouraging individuals to embrace sustainability, challenge personal limits, and engage with the world with renewed purpose and empathy. Her legacy, shaped by her commitment to making a tangible difference and her knack for inspiring action, cements her status as a visionary leader for the next generation.

Quick Look 
Pip Stewart

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Suffolk, UK

Who: Pip Stewart is an explorer, environmental advocate, and compelling storyteller. Her adventures span continents and cultures, blending thrilling escapades with deep insights into resilience, empathy, and sustainability. Her narratives inspire action, urging audiences to embrace adventure, protect our planet, and pursue authentic, purpose-driven lives.

What to Expect: Expect a riveting journey through Pip's adventures, filled with vivid storytelling, personal anecdotes, and impactful insights. Her talks weave together themes of resilience, environmental stewardship, and the power of stepping outside comfort zones, all delivered with authenticity and a deep connection to the audience, sparking inspiration and transformative thinking.

The Lasting Impact: Pip Stewart leaves audiences with a lasting sense of empowerment and a call to action. Her stories of overcoming adversity and championing sustainability foster a profound appreciation for our interconnected world, motivating individuals to pursue their passions, embrace environmental responsibility, and make meaningful contributions to their communities and beyond. Popular with: Adventure and Outdoor Companies. Environmental NGOs and Conservation Groups. Corporate Organisations. Global Health Organisations. Media and Content Platforms. Available for: Keynote Speaking. Panel Discussions. Workshops & Seminars. Media Appearances.



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