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Tracey Duke

Publicist Representing Speakers from
Business, Military & Professional 

Well hello, and welcome! I'm Tracey - Publicist & Founder of 360 Speakers.


Over many years, I've had the privilege of journeying through many aspects of communication—from events and TV production in my early days, to the editorial suites of magazines & podcasts in later years. Each chapter has facilitated priceless insights and connections for me. 360 Speakers is my newest and most exciting chapter, a natural extension of a career spent elevating voices that ignite change, inspire action, and enrich lives.

When setting the vision and parameters for this next phase, I was very clear on one particular aspect. Our speakers would never be just a name on a list; they would become our foremost priority. Each one brings with them a unique life story, wisdom, and perspective that deserves the spotlight. It's why we invest time in crafting meticulously detailed bios, conducting exclusive interviews, and offering the support for continual progression. Ongoing training, support, and a sense of community are integral to our ethos.

Why 360 Speakers? Because life, at its core, is about evolution and impact. Standing still simply isn't an option. As I always say, if you’re not evolving, are you truly living? We're here to champion that evolution—for our speakers and for all who engage with them.

So welcome! Feel free to take your time looking through our line-up of extraordinary voices. Explore, engage, and perhaps even ignite a revolution of your own...


Founder of 360 Speakers

What They're Saying

"We were delighted to complete our first mission yesterday; delivering a Keynote speech to the wonderful team at Funding Xchange during their staff getaway.


We couldn't have done it without the phenomenal support of Tracey Duke at 360 speakers who has been there for us every step of the way. We are hugely grateful to her for helping us navigate this new challenge and are so thrilled to be working with her and the rest of the 360 team!"

Helen Seymour & Rosie Steevenson

- March '24 -

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