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Matt Lindley

Former RAF Royal Squadron Pilot | Commercial Airline Pilot | Human Performance

"Matt Lindley, leveraging his unprecedented journey as a trailblazer in the RAF and commercial aviation, now stands at the forefront of advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and pioneering human performance improvement under pressure. His keynotes, rich with personal anecdotes and professional insights, inspire a transformative dialogue on inclusivity, resilience, and excellence in high-stakes environments."

Tracey Duke



Matt Lindley is a man who defines resilience, diversity, and peak performance.


With an illustrious career that navigates the high-stakes realms of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and commercial aviation, Matt stands out not just for his achievements as one of the first openly gay pilots in the RAF, but also for his transformative journey towards embracing his identity in an environment steeped in tradition and conservatism.


His tenure with the RAF's prestigious Royal Squadron, where he flew dignitaries, including members of the Royal Family, and his subsequent transition to a commercial airline captain, underscore a career defined by excellence, leadership, and breaking barriers.


Matt's story is a compelling narrative of overcoming personal and professional challenges, advocating for diversity and inclusion, and achieving excellence under pressure


What to Expect

Engaging, authentic, and profoundly insightful, Matt brings to the stage a dynamic presence unbound by scripts. His presentations are a masterclass in storytelling, where he navigates his life's highs and lows with a candor that instantly connects with audiences.


Expect a speaker who eschews the lectern for a closer connection with his audience, sharing stories that resonate on a deeply personal level. Matt's talks traverse themes from the critical importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) to the nuanced understanding of human performance factors in high-pressure environments. His ability to intertwine emotional vulnerability with hard-earned insights offers audiences not just a glimpse into his unique journey but also universal lessons in resilience and change.


A Lasting Impact 

For organisations and audiences across the spectrum—from corporate boardrooms and professional sports teams to broader industry forums—Matt's narratives are both a mirror and a roadmap.


His experiences navigating identity within the traditionally rigid structures of the military, paired with his insights into maintaining composure and decision-making under pressure, offer invaluable lessons in fostering inclusive workplaces and enhancing team performance.


Attendees leave with practical strategies to apply in their professional and personal lives, equipped with a deeper understanding of the transformative power of empathy, the importance of diverse perspectives, and the art of thriving amidst adversity.


Matt's keynotes are not just talks but catalysts for change, inspiring audiences to embrace challenges, champion inclusivity, and pursue excellence with unwavering tenacity. He is a guide for those aspiring to lead with integrity, compassion, and resilience.


His message is universal, transcending industries and sectors, to make him an ideal voice for anyone looking to inspire, transform, and lead.

Quick Look 
Matt Lindley

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: London, England

Who: Matt Lindley, is a trailblazer with a dual focus on advocating for DEI through his personal RAF story and enhancing organisational performance through Human Performance Factors.

What to Expect: Engage with Matt's inspiring DEI Keynote for a journey of personal growth and cultural transformation, or dive into the science of optimal performance under pressure with his insights on Human Performance Factors.

Lasting Impact. Whether through the lens of DEI or performance psychology, Matt's work empowers organisations to embrace diversity and excel in high-pressure environments.

Available for: Keynotes. Motivational Talks. Panel Discussions, Media Appearances.


Popular With: Pharma FTSE-100, Aviation & Aerospace, Healthcare, Military & Defence, Public Sector & Government Agencies.



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