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The 360 Impact

Hello & welcome to 360 Speakers!


If this is the first time visiting our site, a huge welcome to you! If not, welcome back! We represent a line-up of carefully selected, high-quality thought leaders from the world of Business, Military and Professional Sport.

Choosing the right speaker will ensure an experience that educates, inspires, connects, and transforms your audience. It's this impact that makes investing in top-tier speakers an obvious move for any organisation looking to leave a lasting impression on its audience. 


Please take some time to explore our Speaker’s bios, read our exclusive interviews with them and maybe even dig a little deeper through our social media links.


From record breaking adventurers, to professional athletes, to military veterans, world class performers and $billion CEOs, our extraordinary speakers are very real, very approachable, folk who love nothing more than to inspire you, and to ignite your growth. 


The 360 Impact


Before we move forward, let’s be truthful. There are numerous other fantastic agencies out there, all working with extraordinary game changers. Some of whom are also listed here with 360


So what is it that allows us to offer something a little different to the others? Well that’s a question you’ll have to ask those who’ve worked with us, to get their honest opinion. From our perspective, we like to think that in understanding both our speakers and their clients - that's you - at your core, we can ensure we are creating the perfect match for your needs. This means investing time into getting to know you both  - from a 360 perspective so to speak. In doing this, we can ensure that we create a partnership that sparks imagination, trust and longevity.

The Lasting Impact


Now when it comes to your Speaker delivering the talk itself, we wouldn't be working with them unless we were 100% certain that they will deliver over and above your expectations. And we promise you, we are not fans of stuffy, boring, lectures. That's never how to get the best from your audience and it's certainly not what you'll get from us. It'll be precisely the opposite. 


But what happens after the event? What happens when the talk is complete and your audience motivated & fired up? What is the lasting impact your Speaker will have and what can we do to ensure that impactful change is made and sustained?


Well this is where the magic happens. It happens after the event, when the audience has had a chance to process the words delivered to them. Not during it. And this is where we continue to work with you, to ensure you are getting as much value from your investment in your Speaker as possible. This phase is as bespoke as the event itself and is focused on continuing to support your vision & missions. 


The Global Conversation


As we move deeper into 2024, we are under no doubt as to the responsibility that comes with representing our Speakers & ensuring their talks align with global concerns. Trending topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Belonging, Neurodiversity, and Mental Health are among the subjects that we know matter to you. We assure you that our speakers are right there at the forefront of these conversations, standing strong with all global thought leaders to drive authentic, meaningful change.

Next Steps


When you choose to work with us, or if you chose another agency, our key message to you is to take your time to ensure you find the right Speaker for your event. Understand exactly who it is you are inviting onto your stage and make certain, first & foremost, that you respect the human behind the profile.  If you do this, the rest will fall into place and you'll create the impact you need. 


Please enjoy our space. Take what resonates with you. And reach out if we can add value to your work in any way. 

Founder 360 Speakers

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