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Oli France

Adventurer Guiding Teams Through The World's Wildest Places



Oli’s journey has taken him through an eclectic array of global terrains and political landscapes. Over the past decade, he’s navigated some of the world’s most treacherous regions, including Iraq, the militia-infested jungles of the Congo, and the unpredictable backstreets of Aleppo, Syria. 


Each expedition has been a chapter in a much larger quest—a relentless pursuit of profound understanding and personal enlightenment, rather than just thrill-seeking. His journeys have challenged him in every conceivable way: from braving natural calamities like avalanches and earthquakes to diplomatically circumventing detainments by wary foreign authorities.


Beyond mere physical survival, these unique voyages offer Oli valuable insights into the human condition. They allow him to examine the core of resilience, the dynamics of adaptability, and the essence of decision-making under extreme duress. These immersive experiences have not only sculpted him into a seasoned adventurer but also into an observer of human behaviour, as well as a versatile crisis manager.


His professional track record as a speaker is just as distinguished and multifaceted as his personal journeys. From corporate leadership engagements to educational forums, Oli’s insights have been universally praised. Whether speaking to a small group or captivating an auditorium filled with hundreds, Oli’s flexibility in communication and topic mastery allows him to strike a chord with audiences of varied sizes and backgrounds.

What to Expect

When Oli France takes the stage, you're not just getting a speaker; you're gaining an experience that amalgamates a decade of real-world expeditions with exceptional thought leadership. Oli imbues his talks with a unique blend of intellectual depth & field tested wisdom, shaped by his diverse experiences in high-risk environments around the globe.


Oli brings a striking authenticity to his presentations. His narratives aren't hypothetical scenarios or rehashed theories; they are authentic tales drawn from his life. Whether recounting precarious moments on the cliffs of Iraq or negotiating with militia leaders in the Congo, Oli offers lessons mined from genuine experiences. This authenticity resonates deeply, allowing listeners to connect the dots between his stories and their own challenges.


Among the most prominent values Oli exudes are resilience and adaptability. The sheer variety of terrains and political climates he has navigated is testament to these attributes. His speaking engagements don't merely describe these traits; they embody them. Audiences will learn practical strategies for cultivating resilience, absorbing the art of adapting to rapidly changing situations, and understanding how to make calculated decisions under pressure. Oli doesn't just talk about leadership; he exemplifies it. In extremely volatile settings—whether leading an expedition or interacting with foreign authorities—Oli's approach combines meticulous planning with empathetic communication. He emphasises the human factor within teams, showcasing how understanding individual strengths and weaknesses can forge a high-performing unit capable of extraordinary achievements. A lifetime of pushing boundaries has made Oli deeply curious, not just about uncharted territories but also about human psychology, team dynamics, and the power of perspective. Expect his talks to weave in elements of sociology, anthropology, and even philosophy, providing a holistic view of the topics at hand.


A Lasting Impact 

When you invite Oli to take to your stage, you're not just securing a speaker;. As with all our speakers, you’re investing in a catalyst for enduring transformation. 


Oli’s influence extends far beyond the time he spends in front of your audience. His insights on resilience—drawn from harrowing treks through some of the world's most dangerous terrains—force a seismic shift in how attendees perceive their own challenges. He often underscores the philosophy that “in the darkest corners of our experiences lies the most fertile ground for personal growth." As such, he invites your audience to explore their own 'dark corners,' reframing obstacles as stepping stones towards greater self-fulfillment.

Oli’s views on self-confidence are equally impactful. He takes you on an exploration of inner strength, rooted in the belief that "confidence isn't a quality to acquire; it’s a latent force within, waiting to be unleashed." His strategies for unlocking this force are practical, actionable, and instantly applicable to both personal pursuits and corporate objectives. Attendees often remark that his approaches to fostering self-belief are both revolutionary and imbued with a sense of practical immediacy. In the realm of leadership, Oli deploys his field-tested wisdom with intellectual depth. He unpacks the complexities of leadership in high-stakes environments—from navigating militia-controlled jungles to facilitating teamwork in geopolitical hotspots. "Leadership," Oli insists, "isn't about command; it's about understanding the human element and acting as the catalyst for team effectiveness and performance." Organisations have found his methodologies for team cohesion and crisis management to be transformative, providing fresh paradigms that echo through their hierarchies long after Oli has left the stage. So when Oli France walks off the stage, he leaves behind far more than a well-received talk; he leaves an enduring imprint on your organisation's ethos and a blueprint for achieving not just success, but meaningful growth and transformation. His talks don’t simply end; they reverberate, sparking a continuous dialogue among attendees and driving ongoing organisational shifts in perception, attitude, and strategy.

Oli France
Quick Look


Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: England

Who: Oli France has spent over a decade navigating the world's most challenging terrains, from Iraq's peaks to the Congo's jungles, transforming each experience into universally praised talks on resilience, adaptability, and leadership. His keen observations on human behaviour and crisis management make him a captivating speaker for both corporate and educational audiences of all sizes.

What to Expect: Oli France delivers more than a talk; he offers an experience rooted in a decade of global high-risk expeditions. Expect authentic stories showcasing resilience, adaptability, and holistic leadership, all underpinned by intellectual curiosity. His presentations resonate deeply, providing practical strategies and insights that empower audiences to navigate their own challenges.

Lasting Impact: When you invite Oli France to speak, you're investing in lasting transformation. His insights on resilience, self-confidence, and leadership offer a paradigm shift in attendees' personal and professional lives. Rooted in field-tested wisdom and practical strategies, his influence extends beyond the talk, leaving an enduring imprint that fosters meaningful growth and sparks continuous dialogue.

Available for: Keynote Speeches. Motivational Talks. After Dinner Talks. Panel Discussions. Film & TV.  

Popular With: Corporate Leaders & Executives. Start-Ups. Adventure and Travel Companies. Media and Journalism. Film & TV. 



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