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Captain Andy Wyatt

Former RAF Red Arrow & Commercial Pilot

"In every aspect, Captain Andy Wyatt's profile encapsulates the journey of a leader whose experiences offer profound lessons for those navigating the challenges within a professional landscape.  He brings to the table an enriching and charismatic speaking experience, drawing upon his widely respected background as a leading pilot".

Tracey Duke



Former RAF fast jet pilot Captain Andy Wyatt is a distinguished figure in the world of aviation, one whose illustrious career has set him apart as an expert in leadership & teamwork, securing him as a sought after speaker for teams focused on high-stakes leadership. 


His journey through the skies has been marked by remarkable achievements, from performing precision aerobatics with the Red Arrows to ensuring passenger safety on commercial flights across the globe. 


Andy's first-hand experiences, in some of the most demanding situations in aviation, provide a solid foundation for his insightful and transformative talks. His ability to draw lessons from the cockpit that apply to a broad spectrum of leadership and team dynamics makes him a sought-after speaker across the board. 

What to Expect

Expect to be captivated by Andy's engaging presence and unscripted eloquence, from the moment he takes to the stage. His storytelling prowess, peppered with anecdotes from his days manoeuvring the Lightning jet to leading complex commercial operations, enriches his discourse on leadership and collaborative excellence.


Andy's approachable and sincere delivery, woven with vivid narratives, ensures an immersive experience that educates and elevates with lessons as relevant in the cockpit as they are the boardroom.


Audiences from a spectrum of backgrounds, including corporate leaders, sports teams, educational bodies, and industry professionals, find in his talks a treasure trove of impactful practical wisdom and inspiring tales.

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A Lasting Impact 

The essence of Andy's message transcends the boundaries of aviation, casting a wide net of influence over organisations and individuals poised for growth and excellence. His narrative, enriched by the legacy of the Lightning jet and the precision of the Red Arrows, offers a compelling blueprint for leadership in high-stakes scenarios.


His insights into fostering effective communication, building resilient teams, and navigating the complexities of decision-making in crisis are invaluable assets for any entity aiming for the pinnacle of performance and innovation. Audiences leave with a profound appreciation for the parallels between the challenges faced in aviation and those in their professional realms, armed with the inspiration and strategies to chart their courses with confidence, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

In every aspect, Captain Andy Wyatt's profile encapsulates the journey of a leader whose experiences offer profound lessons for those navigating the challenges within a professional landscape. His blend of extraordinary experiences, character, and values ensures that his engagements are not merely talks but transformative experiences that educate, inspire, and redefine perspectives.

Quick Look 
Captain Andy Wyatt

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: The Cotswolds, England

Who: Andy is a pilot who epitomises excellence in aviation. Renowned for his leadership and safety acumen in high-stakes situations his remarkable career, from executing Red Arrows' precision aerobatics to commanding commercial flights worldwide, underscores his unparalleled expertise. His talks are grounded in diverse aviation experiences & offer profound lessons in teamwork and leadership.

What to Expect: Expect a compelling presence and genuine storytelling.  From flying the iconic Lightning jet to leading high-stakes commercial flights, his insights into leadership and teamwork will have a profound impact on your teams. With anecdotes that bridge the gap between the skies and the corporate sphere, Captain Wyatt's unscripted delivery ensures a captivating and enlightening experience. 

Lasting Impact. Expect to be empowered and equipped with actionable strategies for enhancing communication, resilience, and decision-making. Andy will leave his audiences inspired to achieve their highest potential. 

Available for:  Keynote Talks. After Dinner Talks. Fireside Chats.

Popular With: Aviation Enthusiasts and Professionals. Corporate Leaders and Executives. Sports Teams and Coaches. Military Organisations and Veterans.

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