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Alun Pepper

RAF Fast Jet Navigator | Senior Leadership Instructor | Human Performance Specialist | Cancer Survivor

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Alun Pepper's career is a respected blend of military excellence and psychological acumen. Over three decades in the Royal Air Force, primarily as a Tornado navigator, senior leadership instructor and now as a performance matter expert, Alun mastered the art of precision under pressure. His career is punctuated with experiences that demanded not just technical skill but also strategic insight, resilience, and mental agility - attributes that are equally critical in high-level sports.

His academic journey in Sports Science and Organisational Psychology which continues with his current undertaking of a Doctorate in Elite Performance, further enriches his profile. Alun's ability to marry these disciplines offers a comprehensive understanding of high-stakes environments - an understanding he adeptly applies to both the boardroom and the sports field. His unique perspective is invaluable for organisations and sports teams aiming for excellence in performance and leadership.



What to Expect

Alun captivates his audience with a blend of intense military experiences and profound psychological insights. He draws a seamless connection between the high-pressure situations of military operations, the strategic complexities of corporate leadership, and the high-stakes performance demands in professional sports. His style is engaging and thought-provoking, filled with real-world scenarios that resonate with both business leaders and sports professionals.


Expect to delve into themes of resilience, tactical decision-making, and psychological endurance. Alun's content is especially pertinent for sports teams where split-second decisions, mental toughness, and adaptability are key to success. He provides nuanced strategies that enhance performance, foster team cohesion, and build a winning mindset.

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A Lasting Impact 

Alun's interaction leaves a lasting impact, imparting skills and mindsets crucial for sustained success. His approach is practical and transformative, focusing on building resilience, sharpening strategic acumen, and leading with confidence amidst uncertainties.


Corporate and sports teams alike will find his insights on mental fortitude invaluable. Alun translates military discipline and psychological resilience into an understandable context offering teams strategies to maintain peak performance under intense pressure. His teachings foster a culture of strategic agility and mental toughness, essential in any environment, but particularly those of high performance. 


Alun’s enduring impact lies in his ability to elevate teams with strategies that are not only insightful but also implementable, ensuring they are equipped to navigate through complex dynamics and emerge victorious, both on the field and in the marketplace.


Alun Pepper
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Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Lincolnshire, England

Who: Alun Pepper is a respected RAF navigator and senior leadership instructor with over three decades of experience. Holding a degree in Sports Science and a Master's in Organisational Psychology, he expertly bridges military precision with performance psychology. Alun offers invaluable insights into resilient leadership and strategic decision-making, applicable in both military and corporate realms.


What to Expect: Expect a captivating blend of storytelling and insightful content from Alun Pepper. Drawing on his extensive military and psychological expertise, Alun delivers engaging talks that explore resilient leadership, strategic decision-making, mental fortitude & elite performance. His presentations are rich with real-life scenarios, providing valuable lessons for corporate and professional sports team audiences.

Lasting Impact: Alun Pepper leaves audiences with transformative insights and actionable strategies for resilience and strategic leadership. His teachings foster a culture of mental toughness and informed decision-making, equipping organisations and sports teams to navigate complex challenges confidently. His real-world experience ensures practical, relatable guidance for today's dynamic business and sports environments. Popular with: Corporate Leadership Teams. Professional Sports Teams. & Coaches. Military and Defence Organisations. Start-Ups Available for: Keynote Talks. Panel Discussions. Leadership Workshops and Training Sessions. Media Appearances and Interviews

CFS Portrait CRN-OFFICIAL-20221102-PEPPER_A_Flt Lt.jpg

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