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Don Armand

Former Rugby Professional & England International | Leadership Consultant |

Advocate for Positive Mindset & Growth

"Don Armand, former professional rugby player and England international, is a renowned speaker and leadership consultant who brings the lessons from the pitch to professional and personal development platforms. Known for his tenacity and strategic thinking on the field, Don now translates these attributes into actionable insights for building resilient teams and effective leaders.

Tracey Duke



With a journey that took him from the heart of South Africa to the pinnacle of English rugby, Don Armand's story is a testament to dedication, agility, and leadership. Joining Exeter Chiefs in 2013 was a turning point in his career, and it wasn't long before he became a formidable force on the field. His strategic foresight and unmatched tenacity were evident as he transitioned from a fresh recruit to an indispensable team leader, helping the Chiefs to their first-ever premiership title at Twickenham in 2017 and clinching the Man of the Match title.

His contribution to the game didn't stop at the club level. On the international front, Don’s prowess found a place in the England Saxons' tour of South Africa in 2016 and further with his debut for England against Argentina in 2017. His career, which culminated with his decision to retire after the 2021-22 season, has been a journey of milestones achieved and challenges surmounted.

What to Expect

When Don takes the stage, you can anticipate an intimate journey into the heart of elite sports & high performance teams. He demystifies the tactical intricacies of rugby, drawing parallels with the challenges faced in everyday life and business. With captivating anecdotes from his time with Exeter Chiefs, he offers insights into team dynamics, the essence of leadership, and the value of perseverance.


Furthermore, his international experiences shed light on the importance of adaptability, understanding different cultures, and seamlessly integrating into new environments. Beyond the sport, Armand also touches upon the personal challenges faced by athletes, the mental fortitude required to stay at the top, and the delicate art of balancing professional ambitions with personal aspirations.

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A Lasting Impact


Don’s influence extends far beyond his tales of sporting triumph. Audiences leave with a renewed perspective on their own journeys, drawing inspiration from his relentless drive and adaptability. His narrative fosters a deeper appreciation for the importance of teamwork, whether in sport, business, or personal endeavours.


Moreover, by emphasising the value of mental resilience, Don underscores the significance of a strong mindset in overcoming challenges, both on and off the field.

But perhaps his most enduring legacy is the emphasis on continual growth. Audiences are reminded that success isn't a destination but a journey, punctuated by failures, learnings, and comebacks.


Don’s story resonates deeply with anyone looking to push boundaries, redefine their limits, develop their leadership approach and create a lasting impact in their respective fields, whether that’s business or sport. 

Don Armand

Quick Look


Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Exeter, England

Who: Don Armand is a South African born distinguished former rugby player, best known for his pivotal role in guiding European & Premiership Champions Exeter Chiefs, to their maiden league victory over Wasps in 2017. An England international, his career exemplifies dedication, leadership, and perseverance, making him a revered figure in elite sport & corporate boardrooms.

What to Expect: When working with Don, anticipate a fusion of raw sporting insight and profound leadership lessons that challenge thinking and perspective. His journey from the Exeter Chiefs' highs to playing for England, offers audiences a masterclass in resilience, leadership, and the unwavering spirit of a top-tier athlete.

Available for: Keynote Speaking. Panels. Workshop Facilitation. Mentoring. Consulting.  Leadership Training. 

Popular With: Elite Sports Teams & Academies. Corporate Entities. Leadership Retreats. Sports Brands & Fitness Companies. Sporting Events. Professional Training Organisations

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