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Tom Foley

International Rugby Official

"You don’t rise to the occasion, you fall to your level of your preparation. This principle, beautifully personified by Tom, underscores the profound impact of preparation on performance. It’s a reminder that the groundwork we lay is what truly defines our responses in pivotal moments.

One of the games most respected and experienced officiators, Tom’s approach to his profession, characterised by meticulous preparation and unwavering commitment, offers a unique perspective on performing under pressure”

Tracey Duke

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Tom Foley is best known for a career spent at the pinnacle of International Rugby. Standing out for his strategic acumen, and commanding leadership, his illustrious career was crowned by his pivotal role as the Television Match Official (TMO) in the 2023 Rugby World Cup Final between New Zealand and South Africa. 


With a track record that includes officiating over 48 Tests, four Champions Cup finals, a staggering 200+ Premiership matches & 4 Premiership Finals, Tom's expertise in managing the sport's highest-pressure moments is unparalleled. His deep insights into teamwork, effective communication, and balancing personal sacrifices with professional achievements make him a distinguished figure. 


Beyond the pitch, Tom's contributions have substantially enriched the dynamics of rugby and heightened audience engagement. His dedication to advancing the sport extends from the grassroots to the national level, demonstrating a holistic commitment to its evolution.

Holding a Master of Engineering from Bristol University, Tom co-founded an engineering firm in Bath, applying the same precision, dedication, and leadership that defined his refereeing to spearhead successful projects with an engineer's keen attention to detail. This aspect of his career deepens his understanding of teamwork, problem-solving, and strategic planning, broadening the appeal of his insights beyond the realm of sports enthusiasts. Additionally, Tom is an Associate at Performance Edge, where he has a particular interest in Human Terrain Analysis and Human Intelligence for High Performance. Leveraging his extensive experience in both the sports and corporate sectors, he offers a distinctive perspective on human interactions and communication. Tom is passionate about enhancing organisational processes and structures by tapping into the human elements that fuel high-performance behaviours and influence. His work focuses on fostering a deeper comprehension of individuals, their relationships, and their unique viewpoints, thereby unlocking the full potential of teams and organisations.

What to Expect

When Tom takes the stage, audiences are treated to a profound journey through the high-octane world of international rugby refereeing. Drawing from his significant experiences, including the landmark TMO role at the 2023 Rugby World Cup Final, Tom blends expert insights with engaging stories from the field. His ability to dissect complex scenarios into relatable lessons conveys leadership, critical decision-making, and resilience strategies applicable across various sectors. 


Tom's dynamic and personable presentation style ensures his messages on navigating high-pressure situations, strategic foresight, and team cohesion resonate with a broad spectrum of listeners, from corporate leaders to professional athletes and beyond.


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A Lasting Impact 

Tom contributions extend far beyond the rugby field, imparting lasting value across diverse fields such as corporate, healthcare, technology, and education. His firsthand experiences, especially his significant involvement in the 2023 RWC Final, offer a unique perspective on thriving under pressure, teamwork essentials, and the importance of continuous self-improvement.


Tom's dialogue on responsibility, informed decision-making, and striving for excellence inspires a culture of resilience and progressive growth. His presentations are both informative & transformative, equipping attendees with the knowledge and motivation to tackle their professional and personal challenges with renewed vigour. 


Tom Foley is a transformative force, championing authentic leadership and strategic insight. He is poised to inspire and catalyse change across any audience.

Tom Foley
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Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: London, England

Who: Tom Foley, is a hugely respected international rugby officiator who marked his career with a significant role as the TMO in the 2023 Rugby World Cup Final. Renowned for his strategic acumen and resilience, Tom's vast experience includes over 48 International Tests and numerous prestigious finals. Beyond the field, he excels in engineering and human performance, enhancing team dynamics and strategic planning across sports and corporate sectors.

What to Expect: Expect engaging presentations that blend deep rugby insights with strategic lessons from engineering and human performance. His dynamic talks cover leadership, decision-making, and resilience, all enriched by his diverse experiences. Tom's approachable style and practical themes resonate across sectors, offering valuable lessons for navigating high-pressure environments and fostering effective teamwork.

Lasting Impact: Tom leaves audiences with transformative insights, bridging sports, engineering, and human performance. His talks inspire resilience, strategic thinking, and a deeper understanding of human dynamics to foster high-performance cultures in various sectors. Audiences gain practical strategies for leadership and teamwork, and leave equipped to face challenges with renewed perspective and confidence.

Available for: Keynotes Talks. Motivational Talks. Panel Discussions. Podcasts. Film & TV. Media. Presenting. 

Popular With: Corporate Organisations. Sports Organisations and Teams. Educational Institutions. Military and Defence Organisations

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