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Sid Sutton

Former CEO at Sale Sharks | Former FTSE 100 Executive 

“Sid is a transformational leader, a resilience architect, and a visionary in cultivating high-performance cultures. His narrative is one of overcoming adversity and innovative leadership, standing as a guiding light for those aspiring to lead with authenticity, courage, and a profound understanding of human dynamics" 

Tracey Duke

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Sid Sutton's career trajectory is a testament to his multifaceted leadership abilities. It was at board level in a top FTSE 100 company, that he honed his strategic and operational expertise before venturing into entrepreneurship. His journey to the helm of Premiership & European Rugby Champions Sale Sharks was marked by innovative approaches to leadership and management, emphasising the achievement of organisational goals and fostering personal growth and team resilience. His time there was distinguished by his focus on cultivating a culture of mindfulness and adaptability, setting a precedent for modern leadership in high-pressure environments.


Sid's leadership philosophy is deeply influenced by his unique blend of Eastern and Western methodologies. His approach goes beyond traditional business strategies, incorporating conscious leadership, empathy, and a deep understanding of human behaviour. This holistic perspective has been pivotal in his success across different sectors, making him a sought-after figure for his insights on mental well-being and its impact on professional performance.

What to Expect

Audiences at Sid's talks can expect an engaging, provocative style that challenges conventional norms. His presentations are a dynamic mix of structured insights, real-life examples, and spontaneous engagement, ensuring a captivating and thought-provoking experience.


His talks cover a wide array of themes, from leveraging conscious leadership to understanding generational shifts in the workplace. He shares practical insights on building resilient teams, enhancing personal growth, and navigating the complexities of modern leadership. His ability to weave personal anecdotes with leadership lessons makes his sessions both informative and deeply relatable.

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A Lasting Impact 

Sid's insights are invaluable for a wide range of audiences - from emerging leaders in startups to seasoned executives in established corporations. His talks are particularly resonant at a time where emotional intelligence and adaptability are crucial for effective, ethical, leadership.


Engaging with Sid's philosophies leads to transformative outcomes both for individuals and organisations. He empowers his audience to embrace vulnerability and foster a culture of mindful leadership. The practical application of his talks, in everyday leadership scenarios, equips professionals with the tools to lead with more empathy, resilience, and effectiveness.


Sid Sutton's journey from a FTSE 100 board member and entrepreneur to a transformative leader at Sale Sharks illustrates his expertise in navigating diverse leadership challenges. His ability to blend profound insights with practical applications makes him an essential voice in the discourse on modern leadership.

Quick Look 
Sid Sutton

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Manchester, UK

Who:  Sid Sutton is an innovative leadership specialist. Formerly a FTSE 100 board member and Sale Sharks CEO, he champions conscious leadership, personal growth, and adaptability. His dynamic approach empowers individuals and teams across sectors, transforming traditional leadership models with empathy and strategic insight.

What to Expect: With a blend of authenticity, humour, and vulnerability, you can expect an engaging, thought-provoking experience from Sid. His insights, interwoven with personal anecdotes with practical strategies, challenge norms to foster personal and professional growth. Sid's style is renowned to a captivate audiences with transformative leadership lessons.

The Lasting Impact: Sid’s sessions inspire transformative leadership and personal growth. His teachings on conscious leadership and resilience resonate deeply, encouraging self-awareness and adaptability in leaders. Audiences leave empowered, equipped with practical tools for enhanced well-being and effectiveness in their professional and personal lives. Popular with: Corporate & Professional Sports Organisations. Start-Ups. Health & Wellbeing Organisations. Available for: Keynote Speaking. Leadership Workshops. Panel Discussions.

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