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Prof. Martin I Jones

Leading Human Performance Specialist



Professor Martin I. Jones, a trusted advisor to UK based, esteemed military organisations, stands at the forefront of human performance psychology.  

An award-winning educator, receiving numerous student led teaching awards and commendations for educational excellence and the exceptional support of colleagues, Martin was admitted as a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy and as a member of the Turning Point distinguished educator programme, which was awarded for excellence in technology-enhanced learning.

A British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist and a HCPC registered practitioner psychologist, Martin is renowned for his work and research. 

A significant milestone in Martin's professional development is his recent completion of an MSc in Sleep Medicine at Oxford University. This accomplishment represents not just an academic achievement but a deepening of his commitment to understanding the complexities of human performance. By delving into the critical role of sleep, Martin has expanded his expertise to address a fundamental yet often overlooked aspect of peak performance and well-being.


What to Expect

Martin infuses insight with accessibility, to captivate audiences with his unique ability to make complex psychological theories relatable. Utilizing practical analogies and real-life examples, he transforms abstract concepts into engaging and actionable insights.

His presentations, deeply influenced by ancient Greek philosophy, infuse timeless ideas about control, mindfulness, and self-awareness into modern performance psychology, offering a fresh and intriguing perspective.

Known for his integrity, authenticity, and humility, Martin connects deeply with his audience, sharing not just knowledge but also personal insights that inspire and resonate on both an intellectual and emotional level.

His sessions seamlessly blend theory with practical application, providing tools for personal and professional growth. Martin's engaging style encourages self-reflection and critical thinking, fostering both immediate understanding and long-term development.


A Lasting Impact 

Martin's talks inspire empowerment and self-reliance, focusing on Purpose, Controllable Aspects of Performance and Advocating for a Balanced Approach that Prioritises Rest & Recovery. 


The talks deliver a crucial message that particularly emphasise the pivotal role of sleep in achieving peak performance. His expertise in sleep and recovery is especially pertinent in organisations where adaptability and mental resilience, are paramount for sustained success.

Martin's insights are invaluable for contemporary organisations looking to cultivate environments of resilience, innovation, and genuine leadership. His approach is to challenges prevailing work culture norms and to advocate for a more balanced approach to personal and professional life. 


Your audience will leave with a transformative mindset, equipped to embrace uncertainty and prioritise self-care.

Quick Look 
Prof. Martin I. Jones

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Exeter, England

Who: Professor Martin I. Jones is a leading specialist in human performance psychology, holding an MSc and PhD from Loughborough University, along with an MSc in Sleep Medicine from Oxford University. An award winning educator, his diverse background spans sport psychology, military and academic research, making him a foremost authority in enhancing human performance, with an emphasis on the critical role of sleep.

What to Expect: Expect engaging, insightful presentations that blend complex psychological theories with practical applications. Drawing on ancient Greek philosophy, he focuses self-awareness, delivering his message with authenticity and integrity. His sessions offer actionable insights for growth; his talks focusing on evidence based, robust, science delivered in a clear and understandable format. 

Lasting Impact. Martin’s talks emphasise empowerment, focusing on controlling what's manageable and the importance of rest and recovery. His insights inspire organisations to foster resilience and innovation, challenging conventional work norms. Attendees leave with a transformative mindset, equipped to embrace uncertainty and prioritise well-being, enhancing adaptability in their professional lives.

Available for: Keynote Talks. Workshops & Seminars. Panel Discussions. Personalised Coaching & Mentoring. Podcasts & Media Appearances.


Popular With: Corporate Sector. Professional Sports Teams. Defence and Security. Educational Institutions. Start-Ups. 



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