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7 Speaking Trends For 2024

Vision 2024: Navigating Tomorrow's Trends with 360 Speakers' Diverse Voices

360 has swiftly become a hub of vibrant and diverse speakers, with speaking topics reflecting the dynamic needs of our clients. What has quickly become clearly apparent, is that 'normal' is an ever-evolving narrative.

Our team at 360 has an eye keenly fixed on the pulse of business & speaking trends, with insights gleaned from 2023 paving the path into 2024 with exciting prospects. 

With AI, Soft Skills, Solutions, Sustainable Business, Personalisation, Data, The Customer Experience, Remote Working, Diversity, Connection & Resilience all listing as the biggest business themes for 2024, here's our run down of the top trending speaking topics for the year ahead.


In alignment with business trends, we’re seeing a world where employees continue to re-evaluate their relationship with the office space and where constantly evolving global issues – both environmental and humanitarian – play an increasing role in demanding our attention and action. And then, of course, there's AI and its ever-evolving, ongoing, conversation. One thing is looking for certain - love it or hate it, we need to be onboard and understanding it.  


The truth, it’s a genuinely, thrilling time to be part of this industry, and we’re proud to be playing our part.


As we move into the year ahead, there is most definitely a buzz of optimism at 360. As a freshexperienced, face in the speaking world, we are fuelled by a belief in the transformative power of communication. We know that impactful words can enlighten, educate, and incite change and we are deeply aware of that huge responsibility.


Ready to champion a spectrum of new voices and ideas, we’re not satisfied with simply responding to the trends – we listen and we stay ahead of them. We’re excited to forge connections, share innovative insights, and craft the narratives that will define our collective future in these exhilarating times.


Trend No. #1 ​Navigating the AI Revolution


“to be an industry leader in five years, you need a clear and compelling generative AI strategy today.” 


2023 marked a milestone in the journey of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - a year when generative AI and Machine Learning (ML) leaped from the realms of tech aficionados into mainstream application. As we venture into 2024, the focus shifts from mere access to these technologies to mastering their use for efficiency, process optimisation, and transformative business operations. 


Companies globally are poised to harness the power of AI and ML to scale new heights in innovation and productivity. This widespread adoption, sets the stage for an even more AI-integrated future.


However, with great advancement comes great responsibility. 


The burgeoning popularity of AI, particularly in areas like image generation and voice simulations, raises complex questions about intellectual property rights and ethical usage. The concerns voiced by authors and creators in recent lawsuits against major tech players highlight a burgeoning area of debate and regulation. As industries reliant on creative licensing navigate these waters, the dialogue around AI's impact on intellectual property is set to intensify.


Our collective narrative will evolve towards harnessing AI as a force for good. We'll delve into ways to integrate AI into our daily workflows, aiming not just for technological prowess but for tangible benefits – saving time, cutting costs, and fostering sustainable growth. 


Speakers who can demystify AI and provide real-world applications across diverse sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and finance will be invaluable. Their insights will not only educate but also empower audiences to embrace AI responsibly and effectively.


Moreover, as we embrace this technology, cybersecurity emerges as a critical facet of the conversation. The need to protect data and ensure privacy in an AI-driven world will be a paramount topic and is likely to be a highlight at speaking events in 2024.



Trend No.#2 Connection - Cultivating a Sense of Belonging


If 2023 showed us anything, it’s that there is an unmistakable yearning for  genuine connection - something that has been absent in recent years.  True connection is born when individuals feel included, heard, appreciated, and recognised as valuable members of a community.


In recent times we've witnessed significant shifts in the discourse around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Organisations responded to global events, with rapid policy changes and a renewed commitment to anti-racism, sparking a global surge in requests for speakers who could educate and bring awareness to these crucial topics.


Subsequent events, including the rise in violence against Jews & Asian Americans, along with intense debates over gender identity, further amplified the call for a greater understanding of racial and gender issues. This evolving landscape, where even literature exploring these themes faces challenges, underscores the ongoing need for open, inclusive dialogues.

In the past two years, diversity-related topics have dominated the Speaking Industry Benchmark Reports, reflecting a strong demand among event planners and organisers for content that addresses these issues. At 360 Speakers, however, we anticipate a subtle yet significant shift in 2024. The conversation is evolving from a focus on diversity and inclusion, which can sometimes be polarising, to a broader and more inclusive concept of 'belonging and connection' This shift aims to create environments where every individual, irrespective of their background, feels an inherent sense of being part of something greater.


360 Speakers wholeheartedly understands this. We believe that fostering a sense of belonging across the industry and within all event audiences begins with offering diverse choices. When you collaborate with us, expect to increasingly find speakers of varied genders, races, ages, and abilities, each bringing unique perspectives to a wide array of topics. Our commitment to inclusivity means continuously expanding our line-up to represent all voices to foster a powerful sense of belonging and connection.

Trend No.#3 Embracing Neurodiversity and Enhancing Accessibility


The year 2023 marked a pivotal moment in the events industry, with a heightened focus on neurodiversity and a concerted effort to make events more inclusive and accessible. This shift has been crucial in acknowledging and addressing the diverse learning needs and preferences of all attendees.


Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate an increased demand for speakers who can eloquently address topics related to neuro-diversity, such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. These discussions are vital not only for awareness but also for fostering understanding and appreciation of the unique perspectives and strengths that neuro-divergent individuals bring to our communities and workplaces.


Moreover, we're excited about the prospect of neurodiverse individuals taking the stage to speak on a variety of mainstream topics, from motivation and business to finance and technology. This inclusivity in representation is a powerful step towards normalising and valuing the diverse cognitive experiences that make up our society.


Additionally, as we approach another Olympic year, the 2024 Paralympic Games serve as inspiration and testament to the incredible achievements attainable beyond physical limitations. At 360 Speakers, we're excited to bring this spirit of inclusivity and achievement to our line-up showcasing the extraordinary capabilities of individuals across all spectrums of ability and neurodiversity.



Trend No.#4 Prioritising Mental Health


It's becoming increasingly clear that 'normal' is a concept that's being redefined, particularly in terms of mental health. The past few years have seen a significant shift in the way mental health is discussed and addressed, with more organisations acknowledging its importance and incorporating mental wellness into their agendas.


At 360 Speakers, we recognise the critical role mental health plays in our personal and professional lives. As we look to the year ahead, mental health will undoubtedly continue to be a key focus area for our speakers. Topics such as suicide awareness, anti-bullying, addiction and recovery, resilience, and mindfulness aren't just subjects for discussion – they're vital conversations that contribute to a healthier, more empathetic society.


These topics, while challenging, are essential for breaking down the stigmas associated with mental health issues. We're proud to represent speakers who bring not only their expertise but also their personal experiences and insights to these sensitive areas. Their ability to connect with audiences on these deeply human topics is not just impactful; it's transformative.


Furthermore, we anticipate a growing interest in themes related to happiness, self-care, and overall mental well-being. These positive aspects of mental health are crucial for building resilience and nurturing a sense of balance.


360 Speakers remains committed to bringing forth voices that can shed light on these vital aspects of mental health, offering guidance, inspiration, and hope.


Trend No.#5 The Evolving Dynamics of Corporate Culture


Work and employment has undergone dramatic changes over the past couple of years. Following the 'great resignation' of 2022, 2023 has seen a significant shift, with employers increasingly asserting their influence in the workplace. 


This period has been marked by a push for employees to return to office environments, alongside the pervasive impact of AI on job roles and large-scale corporate restructuring. With these changes, 2024 is shaping up to be a year where the balance of power leans distinctly towards employers.


However, this shift brings its own set of challenges. For many employees, the current climate is fraught with uncertainty and fear – emotions that, while powerful motivators, are not sustainable strategies for long-term success. Operating in a constant state of anxiety can lead to a host of issues, including health problems, decreased productivity, and a detrimental impact on business outcomes. The ripple effect of employee dissatisfaction is far-reaching, often resulting in a decline in customer satisfaction and, consequently, a drop in revenue.


Recognising these challenges, organisations are increasingly focusing on corporate culture.  We've seen a growing interest in speakers who can address these complex dynamics. In 2024, the emphasis will be on cultivating a corporate culture that not only acknowledges these new realities but also actively works to counteract them. This involves creating environments where employees feel valued, heard, and motivated – not just as workers, but as integral members of the organisation.


Top employers will need to go beyond the traditional confines of corporate culture. They will be expected to provide innovative programming, continuous education, and motivational initiatives that inspire their workforce. The goal is to transform employees into enthusiastic brand advocates and champions for their organisations. This approach not only fosters loyalty but also helps in building a resilient, productive, and positively engaged workforce.


If it's to thrive, the corporate culture of 2024 will need to be adaptive, empathetic, and forward-thinking, with a focus on maintaining high employee morale, productivity, and organisational loyalty.


Trend No.#6 The Rising Value of Learning & Development in Events


With the resurgence of in-person events in the industry, there's a palpable buzz and, consequently, a heightened sense of competition for attendees' time and resources. What stands out is the emerging and increasingly crucial role of Learning & Development (L&D) in adding substantive value to events.


In 2024 there will be a  continued emphasis on L&D as a key driver for event engagement. The trend is leaning towards offering attendees not just an event experience but an educational journey that provides tangible benefits. Event organisers are now curating experiences that go beyond the norm, offering unique, and sometimes exclusive, training opportunities. These are designed to equip attendees with practical skills and insights that are immediately applicable and beneficial in their professional lives.


The value of such events lies in their ability to deliver actionable takeaways and skills. This approach not only enriches the attendee experience but also offers a measurable return on investment. Attendees can apply the knowledge and strategies they acquire directly to their work, leading to immediate positive outcomes and enhanced professional growth.

Of all the trends, this remains the heart & soul of 360. We are committed to working with Speakers who deliver impactful talks & workshops that ensure immediate impact on performance and showcase the immediate applicability of the learnings.


Our objective, through our speakers, is to create an experience so enriching and beneficial that attendees are compelled to return year after year, not just for the learning opportunities but also for the robust networking experiences that accompany them.


This shift in event programming towards L&D is a testament to the evolving needs of today's professionals. It's a movement that forms the foundation of 360 Speakers as we continue to offer speakers who can deliver compelling, educational, and impactful content.



Trend No.#7 Navigating the Future: The Importance of Futurism


It would be a brave individual who buries their head in the sand over the challenges we face. From economic uncertainties, to looming General & Presidential elections, to escalating global conflicts and the ever-pressing issue of climate change. These complexities underscore the growing relevance of futurism as a key focus for speakers in the coming year.


At 360 Speakers, we recognise the importance of understanding these multifaceted challenges. We're poised to feature speakers who not only have a keen eye for analysing past market behaviours and political conflicts but also possess the foresight to project future trends and possibilities. Their expertise lies not just in recounting history, but in deciphering patterns and offering insights that equip us to navigate the future with informed perspectives.


A particularly intriguing aspect of futurism that we anticipate will gain prominence is the ethical dimension of generative technologies. As we've already seen, the challenges faced by content creators in protecting their intellectual property in the age of AI and generative tech are just the beginning. The conversation is set to deepen, exploring how we can expand our technological horizons while conscientiously navigating the legal and ethical implications.


While these themes represent a snapshot of the topics we're excited to delve into, they form the crux of a larger narrative of innovation and exploration that 360 Speakers is passionate about. We're committed to bringing an increasingly diverse array of experienced, insightful, and engaging speakers who can illuminate these topics, offering audiences not just a glimpse into the future, but pathways to influence it positively.



We remain increasingly optimistic about the impact and inspiration that our speakers will bring to your events in 2024 and we look forward to expanding on the conversations that matter, to you. 


Looking to go over and beyond with your next event? Check out our growing list of 360 Speakers here.

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