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Emily Orman

High Performance Athlete | Professional Goalkeeper Chelsea FC



Emily Orman, at 21, is a professional goalkeeper whose journey in football epitomises resilience and leadership. Her mindset, mature beyond her years, positions her not just as a rising star in her athletic career but also as a relatable role model in the world of professional sports.


Her path to professional football began at Brighton & Hove Academy, a starting point for many aspiring young talents. Her pivotal moment came with a breakthrough signing for Chelsea in the 2021/22 season. Joining the club at the tender age of 16, this early move into one of football's premier teams is a testament to her unwavering drive and steadfast commitment. 

While still contracted to Chelsea FC, Emily’s time on loan at Crystal Palace and her impactful performances at Reading in the 2023/24 season showcase her growth and adaptability. Internationally, representing England from the Under-14s to Under-19s, she has proven her mettle on larger stages. Mentored by top-tier sports psychologists and elite performers, Emily’s journey from a promising Chelsea youth player to a seasoned professional epitomises her growth in skill and mental toughness.

What to Expect

Emily brings a brings a refreshingly energetic and engaging style to her presentations, blending captivating stories with valuable insights. She effortlessly demystifies complex topics in sports psychology and gender equality, infusing her talks with interactivity and vibrancy.


With heartfelt storytelling and a passion for equality and mental health in sports, Emily connects deeply with her audience. Her energetic presentations offer a glimpse into the high-stakes world of professional sports, resonating with audiences of all ages.


Emily's approach is about connection, sharing authentic experiences, and sparking positive change. Her sessions are energetic, filled with genuine insights, and designed to motivate and inspire diverse audiences.


A Lasting Impact 

Emily’s talks are genuinely transformative, offering practical approaches for excelling in high-pressure environments. Her discussions on mental health combine personal anecdotes with actionable strategies, emphasising mental well-being as crucial for both individual and team success.


Her innovative take on inclusive leadership and team dynamics brings a new energy to these topics. Emily naturally inspires action, providing a blueprint for building resilient, inclusive, and dynamic teams.


Her talks offer organisations fresh perspectives on nurturing talent, enhancing team dynamics, and prioritising mental health. Her engaging style and depth of knowledge make her an exceptionally influential young woman, at the start of what promises to be an extraordinary sporting career. 

Emily Orman
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Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Reading, England

Who: At just 21, Emily Orman is a standout professional goalkeeper and an inspiring role model. Starting with Chelsea FC at 16, her journey through Crystal Palace to Reading, while on loan, showcases resilience, leadership, and growth. Internationally seasoned, Emily's mettle and mental toughness, nurtured by elite mentors, make her a dynamic force at the start of what promises to be an extraordinary sporting career. 

What to Expect: Emily energises audiences with vibrant, insightful presentations, blending stories from her sports career with engaging discussions on psychology and equality. Her passion for mental health and fairness in sports shines, connecting authentically with listeners. Expect lively, impactful sessions that inspire and drive positive change across diverse groups.

Lasting Impact: Her talks are transformative, melding personal stories with strategies for thriving under pressure and prioritising mental health. She brings fresh energy to inclusive leadership and team dynamics, offering actionable insights for creating resilient, inclusive teams. Her engaging approach provides organisations with new perspectives on talent development and team cohesion, marking her as an influential young woman in the sports world. ​ Available for: Motivational Talks. Keynote Talks. Panel Discussions.  ​ Popular With: Youth Development Programmes. Sports Teams. Wellness Events.  Leadership and Management Conferences.


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