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Rick Cooper

Former Professional Rugby Player | Former Team GB Athlete | High Performance Coach

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Rick Cooper's career path is a testament to resilience and adaptability.


His journey began in professional rugby, where he first honed his skills in teamwork and perseverance. An injury led him to a challenging period of recovery, after which he embarked on rigorous training for the London Fire Service. During his 11 years with the Fire Service, Rick explored various avenues of physical fitness and competition. He achieved remarkable success in bodybuilding, reaching the Mr. Britain final twice before venturing into boxing and fighting three bouts for the Amateur Boxing Association. His athletic journey culminated in powerlifting, where he achieved a level of excellence that earned him an invitation to both the European Championships and the World Championships, proudly representing Great Britain.


This diverse background in high-performance sports and dedicated public service has endowed Rick with a unique perspective on discipline, mental strength, leadership and the dynamics of team and individual performance. His approach to coaching is deeply informed by his life experiences. He seamlessly blends the discipline and focus of an athlete with the strategic acumen and collaborative spirit honed in the fire service. His coaching style is uniquely empathetic yet results-driven, making him a sought-after coach in education, sporting and corporate arenas. He excels in helping individuals and teams navigate complex challenges, fostering environments where potential is not just recognised but fully realised.

What to Expect

In his sessions & talks, Rick brings an engaging mix of personal anecdotes, practical wisdom, and motivational energy. He focuses on creating an atmosphere that is as welcoming as it is challenging, encouraging open dialogue and genuine connection. His methodical yet flexible approach to coaching allows for personalised strategies that resonate with diverse groups and individuals.


Marked by their ability to inspire and catalyse change, his talks address topics such as resilience, team dynamics, and personal growth with a clarity and relevance that strikes a chord with his audience. His skill in weaving his life experiences into his coaching not only captivates but also provides tangible frameworks for personal and professional development.

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A Lasting Impact 

Rick’s talks are designed for long-lasting impact. His goal is to guide individuals and teams towards achieving their immediate objectives along with fostering a mindset geared to continuous growth and self-improvement. He empowers his clients & audiences to embrace challenges as opportunities, steering them towards fulfilling personal and professional relationships.


The audiences that benefit most from Rick’s coaching include corporate teams seeking to enhance collaboration and leadership skills, sports teams aiming for peak performance, and individuals looking for meaningful personal development. His unique blend of real-world experience and coaching expertise makes him an invaluable asset to those aspiring to elevate their performance, both in the boardroom and on the playing field.

Rick Cooper is a coach who brings a wealth of experience to every engagement. His ability to connect, inspire, and effect change makes him a sought after voice in modern coaching.

Rick Cooper
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Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Sussex, England

Who: Rick Cooper's career, marked by diversity and resilience, spans professional rugby, the London Fire Service, and significant athletic achievements in bodybuilding, boxing, and powerlifting. Excelling to represent Great Britain in international championships, his journey embodies discipline, mental fortitude, and a profound understanding of team dynamics and individual performance.

What to Expect: Expect an engaging, relatable presentation blending unique experiences with practical insights. His talks resonate with themes of resilience, teamwork, and personal growth, delivered with authenticity and passion. Rick's interactive style encourages participation, ensuring audiences leave feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped with strategies for overcoming challenges and achieving excellence.

Lasting Impact: Rick’s coaching & talks leave a lasting impact by empowering individuals and teams to embrace resilience, purpose, and self-discovery. His guidance fosters fulfilling relationships, both personally and professionally, and equips audiences with lifelong skills to tackle challenges confidently. His approach ensures a transformative journey towards value-driven, purposeful living and sustained personal growth. Popular with: Professional Sports Teams. Sports Academies and Training Facilities. Corporate Organisations. Sports Psychology Conferences and Seminars. Educational Institutions. Available for: Keynote Talks. Motivational Talks. Panel Discussions. Film & TV. Coaching and Mentoring.

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