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Evan Wienburg

Former RAF Intelligence Officer | Leadership Specialist

"Evan Wienburg stands at the intersection of military precision and entrepreneurial flair, offering a fresh perspective on leadership, innovation, and resilience. His mission is to empower leaders and teams to challenge the status quo, harness the power of humour and authenticity, and drive transformative change in their organisations"

Tracey Duke



Evan Wienburg has always understood the complexities of change, learning early on the value of adaptability and resilience. Born in the social and cultural melting pot of South Africa and later settling in the multifaceted landscape of England, Evan had a firsthand education in the complexities of human interaction, social structures, and cross-cultural dialogue. These experiences laid the groundwork for a keen understanding of the intricate mechanics of human behavior and the variables that drive societal systems.


Compelled by a deep sense of duty and an ethos of service, Evan found his professional calling in the Royal Air Force. His role as an Intelligence Officer showcased his adeptness at high-stakes evidence- based decision-making, further strengthening his leadership abilities. International collaborations deepened his insights into military strategy, while broadening his diplomatic scope during joint operations with NATO.


Transitioning from military life, Evan turned his focus toward technological innovation. As a co-founder of a tech start-up, he revolutionised access to high-speed internet for rural communities, dismantling previously insurmountable barriers and changing the narrative around technological inclusivity.

What to Expect

Evan offers a blend of wisdom and actionable insights in his talks. Whether the topic is Adaptive Leadership in Volatile Times, Empowering Teams in Decentralised Environments, or Transferrable Lessons in Strategy and Execution, Evan synthesises learnings from his multifaceted career to equip audiences with practical tools for navigating complex challenges.


His philosophy of leadership is both comprehensive and adaptive, blending data-backed decision-making with intuitive understanding. Evan values both empirical evidence and gut instinct, making him uniquely versatile in tackling issues that require both analytical rigour and human intuition. He is committed to generating real, measurable value, a cornerstone that has been consistent across his entrepreneurial and advisory roles.


A Lasting Impact 

Above all, Evan's enduring impact lies in his balanced approach to problem-solving and leadership. Authenticity is his compass, while his focus remains steadfastly on creating sustainable, long-term value. His influence has had a ripple effect: from shaping diplomatic relations and military strategies to closing technological gaps in underserved communities. Evan embodies what is attainable when strategic acumen is paired with ethical stewardship, providing a contemporary leadership paradigm that is both practical and visionary. His blend of calculated strategy and humane considerations provides a real-world framework for navigating the intricate maze of current global challenges.

Evan Wienburg
Quick Look


Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Somerset, England

Who: Evan Wienburg's life is a testament to adaptability and resilience. From South Africa to England, he honed a deep understanding of human behaviour and society. As an RAF Intelligence Officer, he excelled in high-stakes decision-making and international strategy. Later, as a tech co-founder, he revolutionised rural internet access, showcasing his innovative spirit and commitment to inclusivity.

What to Expect: Evan merges wisdom and practical insights in his speeches, covering topics from adaptive leadership to team empowerment in decentralised settings. He blends data-driven decision-making with intuitive insight, drawing from his varied career to provide tools for complex challenges. His focus is on creating tangible value in leadership and strategy.

Lasting Impact: Evan Wienburg is distinguished by his balanced leadership and problem-solving approach, emphasising authenticity and long-term value creation. His impact ranges from diplomatic and military strategies to bridging technological divides in underserved areas. Evan exemplifies strategic acumen blended with ethical stewardship, offering a practical, visionary leadership model for today's complex global challenges. Popular with: Military and Defence Think Tanks. Technology Startups. Corporate Leadership and Management Conferences. Tech and Innovation Summits. Available for: Keynote Talks. Panel Discussions. Consulting.

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