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Nick O'Sullivan MBE

Former Royal Marines Commissioned Officer |

Companion of the Chartered Management Institute

“Nick is a man who fully embodies the principles of resilience & ethical leadership. A sought-after speaker, he has the capacity to inspire and empower others, making him an ideal choice for organisations seeking to cultivate these values within their teams.
Blending the discipline of his military background with a forward-thinking leadership principle, his approach is tailored, practical, and deeply human. A dynamic speaker, resonating with organisations looking to inspire and elevate their teams". 

Tracey Duke

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Nick O'Sullivan MBE, a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute, embodies a journey of remarkable transformation and leadership. His career began in the Royal Marines, where he served for nearly 13 years, including a notable tenure with the UK Special Forces. His military experience, characterised by resilience, strategic acumen, and exceptional leadership, culminated in a prestigious MBE award. This recognition came as a testament to his leadership and innovative spirit during the planning and execution of the renowned Black Alligator Exercise in the Mojave Desert, a significant multinational military exercise that demonstrated exceptional integration, strategic consideration and operational planning.


Post-military, Nick transitioned seamlessly into the corporate and entrepreneurial world. His roles have been diverse yet interconnected, spanning from Wealth Management at Barnett Ravenscroft Wealth Management to founding Mojave Training. His expertise lies in leadership development, governance and management frameworks, financial planning, and strategic planning, showcasing a unique blend of skills honed in high-pressure environments - all united by a purpose to empower others with confidence.

What to Expect

Nick's speaking style is engaging, conversational, and filled with a relatable earnestness. He articulates his points with a pace that captures attention, while making complex subjects approachable and invigorating. His sessions are far from the typical authoritative lectures; they're dynamic, interactive dialogues where he stands as a peer, sharing a common journey with his audience.


His core beliefs revolve around courage, integrity, and humility. Nick openly challenges many traditional leadership concepts, and seeks to apply the depth that is often missing from many leadership trends. He is a passionate advocate for moral courage as a fundamental attribute in personal and professional realms and as the key for enabling the humanistic and ethical leadership that is required today, more than ever. He brings a fresh perspective to leadership and management, encouraging his audience to embrace their uniqueness and find their own path to success and identify the tools to get them there. 

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A Lasting Impact 

Audiences at Nick’s talks are left with a powerful sense of self-belief and practical insights into how to realise their potential. He focuses on eradicating self-doubt and leveraging individual strengths for personal and professional growth. His pragmatic approach to leadership is laced with effective management tools and insights, enabling teams to achieve high performance  confidently, ethically and sustainably.


Nick's discussions about integrity, determination, and humility resonate profoundly with organisational cultures. He fosters an environment of introspection, challenge, authenticity and responsibility, essential in an evolving business landscape, where adaptability and ethical leadership are paramount. His insights and guidance are transformative on both individual and organisational levels, driving teams towards pragmatic but ethical excellence and enduring success.


Leadership is often a misinterpreted and overcomplicated concept. Nick brings a grounded, experienced, and highly impactful perspective to the table. His ability to merge life lessons from the battlefield with business strategy, governance and personal development makes his sessions not just informative, but transformative. His audiences are left not only yearning to deliver great outcomes, but with a much improved comprehension of how to actually do so.

Nick O'Sullivan MBE
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Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Staffordshire, England

Who: Nick O'Sullivan, MBE, is an esteemed former Royal Marines officer and UK Special Forces member, and a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute, known for his transformative leadership and strategic and operational acumen. As founder of Mojave Training, he excels in leadership and management development, predominantly working with Executive teams at C Suite & Board level. His distinguished military service, culminating in a prestigious MBE award, underlines his exceptional expertise and experience.

What to Expect: Expect dynamic, insightful presentations marked by a conversational, relatable style. His talks blend emotional resonance with practical management tools and insights, focusing on building self-belief and effective pragmatic, yet emphatic leadership. Audiences are engaged through his authenticity, relatability and commitment to delivering actionable insights for personal and professional growth.

Lasting Impact: Nick leaves his audiences with a profound sense of empowerment and clarity. His insights foster a mindset shift, encouraging self-belief and enabling greater levels of conscious leadership. Organisations benefit from enhanced leadership skills and insights, improved team dynamics, and a more confident approach to challenges, making his contributions highly relevant and transformative in fast paced environments. Popular With: Military & Defence. Corporate Businesses. Start-Ups. Educational Institutions. Veteran Support and Military Transition Programmes. Non-Profit Organisations and Charities Available for: Keynote Talks. Panel Discussions. Corporate Training Sessions. Mentorship Programmes. Podcast Appearances. Roundtable Discussions with Industry Leaders.

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