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Pete Durant

Marketing & Communications | Content & Brand Leader | Sustainability Comms Expert 

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“I quickly learned to discern the pulse underneath layers of data. It was like behavioural economics meeting marketing strategy”. 

With a career spanning over two decades, Pete Durant is a pioneer in the realms of marketing, brand communication, and campaign creation. He's a multi-award-winning strategist who recognised the power of social media long before it was an industry norm. Pete's global engagements have taken him from intimate boardrooms to international stages, offering expertise that transcends borders and industries.


What sets Pete apart is his unparalleled understanding of human emotions and their role in advertising, marketing, and work culture. His expertise isn't confined to traditional marketing silos; he delves into the very fabric of human behaviour, blending it seamlessly with strategic thinking. This has made him a sought-after thought leader in an era craving both innovation and emotional resonance.


His impressive portfolio boasts collaborations with an eclectic range of clients—from big brands like Amazon, Waitrose, and Allianz to entertainment icons like RockStar Games and Peaky Blinders. This experience extends across industry powerhouses like MG OMD, Mediabrands, and WPP. Pete's not just a marketer; he's a storyteller, crafting compelling narratives that build cultures, elevate brands & prioritise ethical considerations.

What to Expect

Prepare for an experience that will alter your understanding of modern business challenges. As an engaging storyteller, Pete effortlessly sheds light on complex topics like remote work culture, AI ethics, and social media brand building, always with a focus on emotional ties. He doesn’t just identify problems; he provides actionable, real-world solutions backed by years of practical experience.


Pete’s distinct edge lies in his ability to strategise for both fledgling startups and global powerhouses.  He combines a rare blend of analytical rigour and a deep understanding of human psychology to deliver strategies that not only work, but resonate. This knack for demystifying complexity has made him an indispensable thought leader.


His presentations are masterclasses in shifting paradigms and challenging the status quo. Recognised for his often-humorous delivery, Pete is an engaging storyteller who knows how to relate even the most complex ideas in an approachable way. Combining strategic thinking with a deep understanding of human behaviour he drives tangible, ethical change from the stage. Expect an engaging blend of humour, storytelling, and deep industry knowledge. He skillfully navigates topics like remote work, AI ethics, and brand building, providing actionable, real-world solutions. Pete’s talks are a dynamic experience, rich in practical insights that inspire immediate action.


A Lasting Impact 

Pete's impact extends beyond mere presentations. He arms organisations with the frameworks and tools needed for holistic growth, helping them see challenges through various lenses—ethical, economic, and operational. With Pete, expect to receive more than just strategies; you'll gain a new ethos that prioritises both innovation and humanity, ensuring your company's competitive edge for years to come.


Pete’s gift for troubleshooting is in a league of its own. Known for his ability to delve into the nitty-gritty details of business challenges while also maintaining a strategic, bird’s-eye perspective, Pete identifies both immediate quick wins and long-term strategies for success. It’s a rare duality that makes him an invaluable partner for organisations at pivotal moments of their growth or transformation.

Pete Durant
Quick Look


Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Devon, England

Who:  Pete Durant is a multi-award-winning marketing strategist with over 20 years of experience. Specialising in brand communication and campaign creation, he blends emotional intelligence with data-driven insights. A global speaker and consultant, Pete has worked with renowned brands, while also championing social responsibility and ethical practices in business.

What to Expect: Expect an enlightening experience as Pete masterfully navigates topics like brand strategy, content marketing, and ethical business practices. Known for his engaging storytelling and emotional depth, Pete offers actionable solutions tailored to modern business challenges, whether you're a startup or a multinational corporation.

Lasting Impact: After Pete's session, you'll walk away empowered with tools and frameworks for ethical, emotional, and innovative marketing. His insights serve as catalysts for meaningful change, guiding organisations to balance innovation and humanity in their strategies. His impact lingers, setting the stage for long-term growth and cultural evolution. 

Available for: Keynotes. Panel Discussions. Workshops. Podcasts. Social Media Campaigns. Crisis Management

Popular With: Tech Start-Ups. Global Corporations. Marketing and Advertising Agencies. Media Companies. Entertainment Companies  

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