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Brendon Prince

World Record-Breaking Paddleboarder | Water Safety Advocate | Founder of Above Water Charity | Crisis Management and Mental Resilience | SUP Man of the Year 2022

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Brendon Prince, a former Devon school teacher turned adventurer & advocate for water safety, was the first person to stand up paddleboard (SUP) around the entirety of mainland Britain. 


In a Herculean feat that spanned 141 days and saw him battling some of the UK's most treacherous conditions, Brendon not only achieved a world first but also managed to claim four world records, in 2021, along the way. As a father of three and an off-duty lifeguard with an intimate knowledge of the perils of the water, Brendon is far from your average water sports enthusiast; he is a man sculpted by purpose, tempered in resilience, and anchored by enduring values. 


Committed to drowning prevention, Brendon is the founder of 'Above Water', a charity focused on teaching water safety, further proving his dedication to turning personal adventure into public advocacy. With Brendon Prince, you get a unique blend of audacity, athleticism, and altruism, making him, arguably, one of the most compelling and multifaceted speakers in the world today.

What to Expect

Brendon Prince embodies the journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary. As he speaks or interacts, one quickly realises that Brendon's 141-day expedition was no mere exploit of physical endurance. His is a mind sharpened by resilience, a theme recurring throughout his record breaking challenge. With only 22 days of pause due to unsafe weather conditions, Brendon's adaptability and patience become transparent.


Audiences will be captivated not just by his stories of paddling through fierce tidal flows and bustling shipping lanes but also by his philosophical insights into confronting life's challenges head-on. Whether it's recounting close calls with sea life—like orcas and sharks—or describing the ethos of selecting safety over ambition, Brendon provides a nuanced understanding of what it means to navigate not just the waters but also the vicissitudes of life.

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A Lasting Impact 

Brendon's efforts are not fleeting bursts of adventure, meant to dissipate in the applause they generate. They are seeds for sustained change, particularly in water safety and drowning prevention. His circumnavigation effort, for example, isn't just a personal milestone but a platform to raise awareness about the very issues that fuelled his mission.


The fundraising goals, world records, and public engagements—all these are facets of a much larger vision Brendon has for a safer interaction between humans and the water bodies they so often underestimate. And his advocacy has a ripple effect, inspiring the next generation to be more conscious, respectful, and prepared when venturing into the great blue, hence his lifelong mission to save lives.


For corporate audiences, Brendon’s life journey transcends mere adventure and taps into universal themes of resilience, calculated risk-taking, and the relentless pursuit of goals. His strategic approaches to overcoming physical and mental obstacles are directly applicable to the world of business. Whether it's facing turbulent market conditions or steering a team through complex projects, the insights gained from Brendon's unprecedented challenges provide valuable lessons in adaptability, leadership, and the importance of a clearly defined mission. His story is not just an inspiration but also a blueprint for any organisation looking to elevate their performance and fortify their mindset for the competitive challenges ahead.

Brendon Prince
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Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: South West England

Who: Brendon Prince is a world record-holding paddle-boarder and the founder of the charity Above Water. Merging adventure with water safety advocacy, he captivates audiences with real-life tales and actionable insights. His multi-faceted talks resonate in fields from leadership to high-stakes decision-making, making him a compelling public speaker.

What to Expect: Expect a transformative experience with Brendon Prince, who seamlessly blends water safety awareness, leadership acumen, and real-life anecdotes. His engaging talks are a masterclass in navigating high-stakes situations, emphasising simple yet effective solutions. A speaker with a cause, Brendon leaves audiences not just inspired, but better prepared for life's challenges.

Available for: Media Contributing. Presenting. Keynote Speaking. Panels. Workshop Facilitation. Mentoring. Consulting.  Outdoor Expos 

Popular With: Corporate Leaders. Schools, Colleges, Universities. Sports Teams. Military Organisations. Public Safety Organisations. Production Companies. 

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