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Kim Ingleby

Multi-Award Winning Performance Coach | Author | Athlete

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Kim Ingleby stands out as a beacon of resilience and transformation. Since founding Energised Performance in 2004, she has combined her passion for helping others with an expansive, evidence-based approach to coaching. Her journey is marked not just by her professional achievements but also by her adventurous spirit, having represented Great Britain in Triathlon and Aquathlon, as well as Scotland in equestrian sports. This diverse athletic background underpins her unique understanding of both physical and mental resilience.


From working with street children in Sierra Leone to her recovery following pericarditis and blood clot, her experiences span a remarkable range of cultural and situational contexts, highlighting her adaptability and empathy. Her commitment to making a difference is further evidenced by her impressive charity fundraising efforts, having raised over £89,000 for various causes.


High-profile successes include coaching winners of "Strictly Come Dancing" and World Championship gold medalists, reflecting her versatility in working with elite performers from varied backgrounds. Kim’s own journey through personal health challenges, including her brave battle with a heart condition, has only fuelled her dedication to empowering others. Her role as an ambassador extends beyond physical fitness, encompassing a holistic approach that integrates mental health and well-being. Her work is particularly resonant with organisations valuing perseverance, adaptability, and holistic wellness, including sports teams, corporate sectors, healthcare groups, and educational institutions. As a TEDx speaker and the author of “The Little Book of 52 Ways to Feel Good,” Kim brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience to her engagements. Her ability to connect with a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, coupled with her adaptability, makes her an invaluable asset to any team or individual seeking growth and transformation.

What to Expect

Kim's presentations are a masterclass in authenticity and connection. Her storytelling, enriched with personal anecdotes and professional experiences, is both engaging and deeply moving.


Kim believes in the power of resilience, not just as a concept but as a lived reality. She blends her expertise in sports therapy, NLP, and hypnotherapy to provide a holistic perspective.


Her style is dynamic, fostering a space where empathy meets practicality. This unique approach resonates with her belief in the transformative power of facing adversity head-on, making her talks a powerful catalyst for change. Audiences can expect an experience that transcends the typical keynote, leaving them deeply connected to her message of resilience and personal growth.

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A Lasting Impact 

As with all 360 speakers, the impact of Kim's talks goes beyond the session itself. She leaves audiences with a renewed sense of purpose and practical strategies for overcoming personal and professional hurdles.


Her emphasis on holistic wellness, mental toughness, and empathetic leadership is particularly pertinent given the current challenges we are facing.


Organisations benefit from her insights, fostering cultures of resilience and mental health awareness. Her message of overcoming adversity, embracing holistic wellness, and maintaining a growth mindset is more relevant than ever.


Teams and individuals are equipped not just with inspiration but with actionable strategies for thriving in their personal and professional lives.


Kim Ingleby
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Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Bristol, England

Who: Kim Ingleby is a dynamic resilience coach and speaker, renowned for transforming adversity into empowerment. Founder of Energised Performance, she's a guide for elite athletes and individuals alike, blending experience with empathy. An adventurer and happiness champion, her life’s work is dedicated to inspiring holistic well-being and achieving personal greatness.

What to Expect: Expect a transformative experience with Kim Ingleby's presentations. Her authentic storytelling and deep empathy resonate profoundly, combining practical insights with emotional engagement. Kim's dynamic talks on resilience and holistic well-being leave audiences inspired and equipped with actionable strategies for personal and professional growth in challenging environments.

Lasting Impact: Kim Ingleby leaves a lasting impact of strengthened resilience and renewed mindset. Her insights foster a culture of holistic wellness and mental toughness within organisations. Audiences depart empowered, embracing challenges with a growth mindset and equipped with strategies for sustained high performance and well-being in today’s fast-paced world. Popular with: Corporate Businesses. Sports Teams and Athletic Organisations. Mental Health and Wellness Conferences. Adventure and Outdoor Organisations. Healthcare Providers. Available for: Keynote Talks. Workshops and Seminars. Panel Discussions. Wellness Retreats and Events. Guest Lectures and Educational Programs. Sports Team Coaching



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