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Jay Worthy

CEO | International Growth | Successful Private Equity Exit



Jay Worthy's career path is a narrative of relentless ambition and astute leadership. His professional journey began with solid foundations; a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and a role as a freelance personal trainer at LA Fitness in Golders Green. During this early phase, firmly rooted in a dedication to fitness and an enterprising spirit, he traded his skills for gym access, steadily building trust with the gym community.


His ascent from the gym floor to the corporate suite is a story of tenacity and vision. Jay's strategic prowess and leadership skills came to the fore when, at 41, he assumed the role of President & CEO at Life Fitness, a globally recognised name in the fitness equipment industry with more than $1 billion in revenues, to become the first non-American CEO of the company. This move propelled him to Wall Street, leading Life Fitness - a division of a $6 billion publicly traded company and one of the longest continuously traded companies on the New York Stock Exchange. 


During his tenure as CEO, Jay was instrumental in turning around the company’s performance while simultaneously securing a separation from its parent company.  


At Life Fitness, Jay's leadership was characterised by a keen focus on innovation, strategic vision alignment, and refocusing on the customer experience. He was pivotal in guiding the company through an era of rapid change, navigating complex market dynamics, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Under Jay's guidance, Life Fitness refocused on the importance of its reputation for building reliable, innovative, and high-quality fitness equipment, a testament to its visionary leadership and deep understanding of the wellness sector and its needs. 
 Today, Jay is back working as a CEO in the global fit-tech industry.  Leveraging his vast experience and insights, he is operating with a new toolkit, focused on personal and organisational well-being ensuring both he and his team can find a harmonious balance between success and personal fulfilment. As a speaker his approach, deeply rooted in his own transformative experiences, involves sharing strategies for wellness, resilience, and sustainable high performance to aid clients in navigating the complexities of high-pressure environments.

What to Expect

When Jay Worthy takes to your stage, expect an immediate engagement. Audiences are immediately captivated by his authenticity and dynamic presence; his speeches blending honesty and engaging storytelling, from the pinnacle of corporate America, with practical insights.


Backed by a second degree, a Masters in Human Performance Physiology, Jay draws from his vast experience to articulate themes of leadership, personal well-being, and high performance with a rare blend of depth and accessibility.


His presentations are known for their unscripted and interactive nature, tailored to resonate deeply with his audience. Jay's unique journey, from personal training to corporate leadership, infuses his talks with relatable and transformative anecdotes, making them both inspirational and practical.


Expect a highly sought-after speaker who not only imparts wisdom, but also connects on a personal level, leaving audiences with invaluable, actionable takeaways.


A Lasting Impact 

Jay’s talks are particularly beneficial for corporate leaders and professionals who will find immense value in his insights on navigating complex leadership dynamics and fostering a culture of learning from failures. His approach to work-life balance, emphasising the importance of family time and personal growth, resonates with those seeking a harmonious integration of professional success and personal fulfilment. 


Additionally, his advocacy for a supportive and sustainable approach to managing high performers offers a fresh perspective for those operating within sports, entertainment, and business. His commitment to authenticity and his philosophy of living a purposeful life make him an exemplary speaker for personal development workshops, leadership seminars, and corporate wellness programs. Jay Worthy's ability to weave his life lessons into compelling narratives, ensures that his audience is empowered & equipped with practical strategies to enact meaningful change in their lives and organisations.

Quick Look 
Jay Worthy

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: London, England

Who: Jay Worthy's career journey from a personal trainer at LA Fitness to the CEO of Life Fitness epitomises tenacity and strategic leadership. Instrumental in transforming Life Fitness into a billion-dollar leader in the fitness industry, Jay now focuses on coaching, blending professional excellence with personal well-being, and guiding individuals and organisations toward balanced success.

What to Expect: Audiences can expect a genuine, engaging experience with Jay Worthy. His presentations, rich in honesty and captivating storytelling, delve into leadership, personal well-being, and high performance. Jay's unscripted talks offer practical, transformative insights, ensuring a deep connection with his audience and leaving them with valuable takeaways.

Lasting Impact. Jay insights profoundly impact corporate leaders, professionals, and high performers. His emphasis on learning from failures, work-life balance, and authenticity resonates deeply, offering practical strategies for integrating professional success with personal fulfilment. His narrative style leaves audiences both inspired and equipped to implement meaningful change.

Available for:  Keynote Speaking. Motivational Talks. Panel Discussions. Guest Lectures. Media Appearances & Interviews. Podcasts.  

Popular With: Corporate Entities & Businesses. Wellness and Fitness Industry. Start-Ups. Professional Sports Teams. 



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