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Dafydd James

Welsh Rugby Professional | British & Irish Lion | Presenter | Rugby Commentator |

 Advocate for Positive Mental Fitness



From the expansive skies of Zambia to the revered rugby fields of Wales, Dafydd Rhys James's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the spirit of unwavering tenacity. Bursting onto the rugby scene in 1995, Dafydd quickly became an emblem of dedication, not just to the game but to the very ethos of pushing personal boundaries.


While he illuminated the rugby world during his 17 year career, playing for prominent clubs like Scarlets, Bridgend, and Pontypridd, and donning the Welsh jersey 48 times with unmatched pride, it was his stride with the legendary British & Irish Lions that truly set him apart. It was here, amidst rugby's elite, that Dafydd stamped his authority, scoring a try that not only wowed audiences but secured his spot in Rugby's Hall of Fame.

But it was never just about the highs. Dafydd's journey took an unexpected turn with a grievous neck injury in 2008, marking an end to his mainstream rugby career. Yet, in this trying phase, emerged a facet of Dafydd that was even more inspiring than his on-field feats: his remarkable strength in the face of personal challenges. His battle with mental health, rather than dimming his spirit, illuminated his character. Through this period, Dafydd emerged not as a victim of circumstances but as a champion of life, turning his very real challenges into a mission to inspire, guide, and uplift.

What to Expect

Dafydd, in his renewed avatar, stands as an embodiment of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of human spirit. His dedication to fostering mental health awareness, epitomised by his 31-day marathon challenge, showcases his commitment to shattering stigmas and lighting the path for many.


As a speaker, expect more than tales of rugby triumphs. Dafydd delves deep, sharing heartfelt lessons from his personal journey, emphasising the importance of vulnerability as a strength and the profound power of human resilience. His narrative seamlessly intertwines the thrill of sporting highs with the profound insights derived from personal introspection.

His advice to young players, "Enjoy the moment. Follow your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it, but always keep one eye to the future" encapsulates his ethos, urging everyone, whether in sports or corporate arenas, to strike a balance between passion and preparedness. Each interaction with Dafydd promises an enriching experience. Through his story, he offers not just inspiration but also actionable strategies, ensuring that his audience is empowered to transform their challenges into stepping stones towards personal and professional greatness. Dafydd's voice is one that stands out distinctly, offering hope, insight, and the unwavering belief that every setback is a setup for an even greater comeback.


Dafydd James

Quick Look


Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: South Wales

Who: Dafydd Rhys James is a Welsh rugby icon, celebrated for his achievements with Wales, the British & Irish Lions and renowned clubs. Beyond his athletic prowess, he's a beacon of resilience, transforming personal challenges into a mission to inspire others, especially in the realm of mental health advocacy.

What to Expect: An invigorating narrative, blending rugby triumphs with profound personal insights. As a speaker, he champions mental health awareness, offering heartfelt lessons on resilience, vulnerability, and empowerment, ensuring audiences leave with strategies to turn challenges into stepping stones for personal growth. 

Available for: Media Contributing. Presenting. Keynote Speaking. Panels. Workshop Facilitation. Mentoring. Consulting.  Guest Training. 

Popular With: Global Premiership Clubs. Mental Health Charities. Corporate Entities. Universities. Athletic Training Centres. Men’s Health & Wellbeing Platforms. 

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