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Nicol Kindness

Former Army Officer | Host of the Mister Kindness Podcast



Nicol Kindness is an emerging voice in the speaking arena, drawing from a diverse range of experiences that span corporate, educational, and wellness sectors. Guided by a philosophy of lifelong learning, he brings an authentic perspective that resonates across different audience demographics


An alumnus of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Nicol spent 9 years navigating the high-stakes, volatile environments of military conflict zones. There, he honed his exceptional skills in leadership, strategic thinking, and crisis management.


Transitioning from the battlefield to the ski slopes of Switzerland, and subsequently to a podcast studio, Nicol created and hosts the Mister Kindness Podcast. This transformative platform delves deep into the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary stories, while exploring themes of spiritual growth and resilience. The podcast has established Nicol as a strong voice in wellness and human potential, gaining accolades and listeners from a wealth of backgrounds.


Both his military career and podcasting success equip him with an unparalleled repertoire of life experiences, which he brings to the speaking stage. This multidisciplinary background makes him a compelling choice for a range of sectors—from corporate boardrooms seeking real-world leadership insights to educators striving to instil character and resilience in the next generation, and even wellness communities seeking to explore the depths of human potential.

What to Expect

Prepare for a tour-de-force that transcends industry boundaries. Business executives will find fresh parallels between Nicol's military strategies and their own leadership challenges, gaining actionable insights into teamwork and crisis management. Educators will discover a treasure trove of resources for fostering emotional intelligence and resilience in their students. Wellness communities will resonate deeply with Nicol's insights into the human spirit, guided by his exploration of extraordinary stories from everyday people.


Nicol crafts a multi-layered narrative skilfully interweaving his diverse life experiences to deliver a presentation that is tailor-made for empowerment, regardless of your sector.


A Lasting Impact 

The crux of Nicol’s message lies in the transformative power of human resilience and the potential for growth that exists within each of us. His unique narrative serves as an intersection where the complexities of human behavior coalesce with the pragmatic elements of everyday leadership and wellness. The value of his message is made manifest not just in its thought-provoking nature but in its immediate applicability—regardless of your industry or profession.


Corporate audiences will leave not only with actionable frameworks for navigating uncertain times—derived from Nicol's rigorous military training and tours of duty—but with a deeper understanding of the human factors that drive successful teams and initiatives. Educators will go beyond textbook theories, equipped with real-world anecdotes and transformative stories that can instill resilience and moral courage in students. Meanwhile, those in the wellness sector will emerge with a renewed commitment to exploring the intricacies of human well-being, their imaginations fired by Nicol’s transformative stories from his podcast.


By engaging with Nicol's keynotes, you're not just listening to a speaker; you're participating in a dialogue about the endless possibilities of human potential—a core tenet that Nicol has spent years exploring through his military service, his adventures in the Swiss Alps, and his deep-diving podcast interviews.

Quick Look 
Nicol Kindness

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Verbier, Switzerland

Who: Nicol Kindness is an emerging voice in the public speaking world, using a unique blend of military and corporate experience to informs his talks. The host of the Mister Kindness; a popular podcast on human potential, his philosophy of lifelong learning resonates widely, captivating audiences from the educational to the wellness sectors. 

What to Expect: Expect a tour-de-force as Nicol takes the stage, weaving military lessons with spiritual wisdom. Nicol offers unique, actionable insights for corporate leaders, educators, and wellness enthusiasts alike, delivering a tailor-made experience that empowers audiences to explore the depths of human resilience and potential.

Lasting Impact. Nicol leaves audiences enriched and empowered, transcending sector boundaries. Corporate leaders gain actionable leadership frameworks, educators obtain tools for instilling resilience, and wellness communities are reinvigorated to explore human well-being. His message is a lasting dialogue on unlocking the boundless possibilities of human potential.

Available for: Keynote Speeches. Panel Discussions. Workshops & Seminars. Webinars. Podcast Appearances.


Popular With: Fortune 500 companies. Tech startups. Consultancies.  Mindfulness Retreats, Wellness Programmes. Media Organisations. Journalism Schools. 



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