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Zane McCormack

Former Police Officer | Burnout Prevention Coach


Zane McCormack stands out as a real-world expert on stress management and resilience—traits not honed in a quiet academic setting but through years of on-the-ground service with Devon & Cornwall Police and sweat-inducing competition in rugby. This powerful intersection of high-adrenaline professions provides him with a textured, empathetic understanding of what mental fortitude truly means.


In recent years, his own battles with burnout have led him to the clear understanding that: "Stress isn't just white noise in a busy world; it's a real, tangible force with far-reaching impacts on our well-being and productivity.”


His career in policing was an intensive life lesson on the psychology of stress, emotional balance, and human robustness. 


Zane has since transformed this lived wisdom into a functional blueprint that enables individuals and organisations to navigate stress not just as a challenge but as an opportunity for growth.


What to Expect

When Zane speaks, he turns the room into a dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Expect not just data and theories, but also immersive activities drawn from high-pressure situations you'd encounter in the real world. He channels his career's intense moments into stress tests and simulations that foster genuine engagement, making attendees active participants in their own learning journey.


Zane's bespoke burnout prevention workshops have demonstrated their effectiveness across the professional landscape, leaving a trail of individuals who not only understand stress but know how to combat it effectively. These aren't just PowerPoint presentations; they're strategic, real-world interventions at a time when we need them most.

A Lasting Impact 

Zane McCormack is a change agent in the evolving conversation around mental health. He adheres to a philosophy he calls 'directed leadership,' using it as a cornerstone to design wellness programs that suit high-stakes corporate environments as well as community-centered public sectors.


His mantra, "own your day," is no empty catchphrase. It emanates from a deeply researched, validated approach to mental resilience. Zane's work goes beyond immediate problem-solving; it involves a long-term vision for sustained mental wellness. In partnering with top-tier academic institutions for research, Zane seeks to create an evidence-based, long-lasting shift in how we address mental well-being both in the workplace and society at large.


Quick Look 
Zane McCormack


Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Somerset, England

Who: Zane McCormack combines years of policing with Devon & Cornwall Police and rugby experience to offer invaluable lessons in resilience and mental well-being. His own experiences with burnout inspire a framework that's far beyond theoretical—it's born from life on the front lines of stress and challenge.

What to Expect: Expect more than a talk; Zane creates an intellectual workshop for his audience. With case studies and real-world simulations, he offers interactive masterclasses that provide actionable strategies for building resilience and managing stress, rooted in years of high-stakes professional experience.

Lasting Impact. Zane McCormack is more than a contributor in the field of mental health; he's a thought leader driving long-term change. His approach is grounded in rigorous data analysis and continuous improvement. Collaborating with professionals across sectors, he's focused on delivering not just immediate solutions but enduring mental wellness.

Available for: Keynote Talks. Workshops. Masterclasses. Resilience Training. 

Popular With: Police Forces. Professional Sports Teams. Corporate Sector.  Healthcare Providers.
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