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Jade Heusen

Former Birmingham Royal Ballet Dancer | West End Performer 

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Jade Heusen's name is synonymous with the pinnacle of ballet elegance and artistry. Her formative years were shaped within the prestigious walls of the Royal Ballet School, setting the stage for a storied career that saw her emerge as a leading light of the Birmingham Royal Ballet; one of the world’s most prestigious touring companies. 


A decade long journey with the company painted her story across the world's premier stages. From the historic opulence of London's Royal Opera House to the Alhambra Palace Theatre, she transcended language and culture, communicating with the universal language of dance. Her narrative continued, etching her legacy onto the grand stages of Tokyo, the Americas and to the grandeur of Buckingham Palace. Jade’s artistic voyages through these cities allowed her to embody and impart the enduring legacies of global performance excellence through expressions of human emotion and cultural storytelling.

What to Expect

Jade's talks are an alchemy of the precision and discipline of ballet, infused with the high-stakes dynamism of the business world & high performing teams. Engaging Jade as a speaker means inviting the essence of ballet into the corporate and personal development arena. 


When she speaks, it is with the authority of someone who has lived the ethos of continuous improvement and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Her talks are a masterclass, detailing the meticulous precision, relentless practice, and the psychological tenacity honed in the world of professional ballet. 


Drawing parallels between the grace under pressure exhibited in ballet and the resilience required in business, Jade offers actionable insights for achieving individual brilliance and building high performance teams. 


Her narrative interweaves the poise of a principal dancer with the raw tenacity required behind the scenes, to equip her audiences with a choreographed strategy for success. Her talks are a masterclass in learning to balance the ensemble work with solo moments, and in cultivating an environment where excellence is the norm, not the exception.

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A Lasting Impact 

With authenticity & transparency, Jade shares the unvarnished truth of a performer's life—the elation of perfect execution and the heartbreak of near misses, the triumphs and trials of a career that offers a poignant, relatable roadmap for resilience and excellence.


By exposing the full spectrum of her experiences, Jade imparts the kind of wisdom that instills the courage to face the rigours & sacrifices needed to excel in high-performance environments. 


Her lessons in resilience, adaptation, and the art of performance leave an indelible impression, arming her audience and your team with the principles necessary to navigate the pressures of their pursuits. 


Jade's imparted wisdom on overcoming obstacles, adapting with grace, and embracing the discipline required for peak performance, guides her audience to an ovation-worthy performance in both their personal and professional endeavours.

Jade Heusen
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Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: London, England

Who: Jade Heusen, a distinguished alumna of the Royal Ballet School, illuminated the world's premier stages with the Birmingham Royal Ballet for a decade. A master of ballet's discipline, she translates this artistry and precision into inspiring insights on achieving high performance and excellence in any field.

What to Expect: Engaging with Jade Heusen means immersing in the disciplined, tenacious world of ballet, transformed into strategies for peak performance. Expect a fusion of artistic poise and psychological resilience, offering profound insights into individual brilliance and the choreography of high-performing teams

Lasting Impact: Jade Heusen leaves audiences with enduring strategies for resilience and excellence, drawing from her ballet and high-performance expertise. Her wisdom encourages courage, adaptability, and discipline, ensuring an impactful legacy that elevates personal and professional pursuits to standing ovation heights.

Available for: Keynote Talks. Motivational Talks. Panel Discussions. Presenting. Workshops & Masterclasses. Media Contributions. Board Appointments & Advisory Roles

Popular With: Corporate Organisations. Leadership Conferences. Team Building Retreats. Educational Institutions. Sports Teams & Coaches. Health & Wellness Seminars. 

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