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Rob Hosking

Former Police Officer | Mental Health Advocate



Rob Hosking embodies the essence of resilience and heartfelt transformation. His journey from the demands of front line policing to championing mental health, is deeply personal, shaped by his own experiences of overcoming significant challenges.


Rob's ability to connect with the core of the human experience makes him a compelling speaker, guiding audiences through his inspiring journey towards becoming a leading voice in mental health advocacy and motivational speaking. Drawing from his firsthand experiences on the front lines of law enforcement and his profound commitment to aiding those facing mental health challenges, Rob offers insights that resonate with profound authenticity.


Celebrated for his moving TEDx talks and recognised for his significant contributions to mental health, Rob stands out not just as a speaker, but as a true advocate for resilience and well-being.


What to Expect

Rob's presentations are a masterclass in dynamic and authentic engagement. Audiences are treated to a blend of compelling storytelling, insightful reflections, and practical wisdom, all delivered with a charismatic and approachable demeanour that resonates on a personal level. His talks traverse the crucial themes of resilience, workplace well-being, authentic leadership, and the transformative power of positivity. With Rob at the helm, expect a journey through poignant personal anecdotes, backed by professional insights, that illuminate the path to personal and organisational growth.

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A Lasting Impact 

As with all our speakers, Rob’s keynotes go beyond momentary inspiration, instigating tangible change within individuals and organisations. His pragmatic approach to embedding the principles of happiness, resilience, and well-being into daily practices ensures that his message has a profound and enduring impact.


Corporate executives, professional sports teams, educational institutions, and healthcare providers have all benefited from Rob's transformative insights. Specifically, HR teams, leadership and management, and employee well-being programs across various sectors find Rob's guidance instrumental in fostering environments where people thrive, not just professionally but in all facets of life.


Rob unique fusion of lived experience, professional acumen, and genuine compassion makes him a catalyst for change; empowering audiences to navigate life's challenges with renewed vigour and to cultivate environments where well-being and success flourish together.


Quick Look 
Rob Hosking

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Madrid, Spain

Who: Rob Hosking is a transformative speaker and mental health advocate with a background in front-line policing. His journey from adversity to advocacy inspires resilience and well-being. Celebrated for his authentic storytelling and TEDx talks, Rob's profound insights and compassionate approach make him a beacon of hope and empowerment.  

What to Expect: Expect an engaging journey with Rob, blending heartfelt storytelling and practical wisdom. His talks, infused with authenticity and humour, navigate resilience, well-being, and authentic leadership. Rob's unique perspective, shaped by personal and professional experiences, offers actionable insights, fostering personal growth and positive organisational culture in every session.

Lasting Impact. Rob's talks are renowned for empowering individuals and transforming organisations. His principles of resilience and happiness instil lasting well-being, enhancing productivity and fostering a culture of support and positivity. Audiences carry forward his message, embedding meaningful change in both personal lives and professional environments.  ​ Available for: Keynote Talks. Motivational Talks. Panel Discussions.TV & Media. ​ Popular With: Sports Organisations. Corporate Businesses. Start-Ups. Professional Development Conferences. Sports Management and Marketing Companies.


What They're Saying...

"Rob was fantastic – speaking with such authenticity and charisma, you could hear a pin drop during Rob’s speech. Rob finds a unique balance of humour, depth and rawness in his speaking which lands brilliantly for an audience, delving into tricky topics in an accessible manner. Rob is honest and down-to-earth and this comes through when he speaks. We have had a huge amount of feedback on how great Rob’s speech was and many have taken away huge lessons, so thank you to Rob for helping shift the dial on the important issue of men’s mental health. -"

Bethal Ekaette, TEDx Organiser


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