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Simon Jeffries

Royal Marine & Special Forces Veteran | High Performance Coach

"Simon Jeffries, a Royal Marine & Special Forces Veteran, distills invaluable insights, forged in the heart of the arena, into transformative strategies for personal and professional growth. His talks are crafted to empower individuals and teams to harness their inner strength, align their endeavours with their deepest values, and cultivate an unwavering spirit of resilience"


Tracey Duke



Simon Jeffries, a former Special Forces Solider, now a sought-after Performance Coach, embodies the epitome of dynamic leadership and unwavering mental toughness. His illustrious military career, marked by distinguished service and rigorous special forces training, set the foundation for his profound insights into resilience, leadership, and personal growth.


Simon's transition from combat to coaching in 2008 has enabled him to leverage his battlefield experiences to inspire and transform individuals and organisations worldwide.

Renowned for his practical wisdom and authentic storytelling, his journey is a testament to the power of embracing one's core values and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


His achievements, both on and off the field, underscore his unique ability to navigate high-stakes environments, making him an authoritative voice in the realms of personal development and organisational leadership.


What to Expect

Audiences at Simon's talks can anticipate a captivating blend of compelling narratives, practical strategies, and relatable anecdotes that bridge the gap between military resilience and everyday challenges. His presentation style is both engaging and thought-provoking, designed to evoke reflection and action


Simon delves into themes of mental toughness, authentic leadership, and the significance of belonging, to provide a fresh perspective on embracing adversity and leading with integrity.

His approach goes beyond theoretical insights, offering tangible, actionable steps that individuals and teams can implement to foster resilience, enhance leadership capabilities, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning and development. His ability to connect authentically with his audience, sharing personal experiences with vulnerability and honesty, sets the stage for genuine engagement and transformative learning.


A Lasting Impact 

Simon's insights are not only relevant but transformative for a wide array of audiences, from corporate executives and management teams to frontline workers and community leaders. His message resonates across sectors, advocating for a leadership style that is rooted in authenticity, compassion, and resilience.

Organisations that engage with Simon's teachings witness a profound shift in their corporate culture, characterised by increased employee satisfaction, productivity, and a stronger sense of community and belonging. His emphasis on practical, everyday actions to build resilience and authenticity empowers individuals at all levels to lead more fulfilling lives, both personally and professionally.

With a need for adaptability, mental wellness, and authentic connection more crucial than ever, Simon stands out as a speaker who will inspire teams to navigate the complexities of life with confidence and purpose. His ability to distil complex concepts into accessible, impactful lessons makes him an invaluable asset to any team or organisation, looking to thrive.

Quick Look 
Simon Jefferies

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Bristol, England

Who: Simon Jeffries, a former Royal Marine Special Forces, now resilience expert, captivates audiences with his dynamic blend of military precision and raw, authentic insights. Specialising in resilience, leadership, and mental health, his talks offer practical strategies for overcoming adversity, fostering belonging, and driving personal and professional growth, resonating across diverse sectors and team dynamics.

What to Expect: Engaging storytelling where practical wisdom meets authentic experiences, delivering actionable insights. His presentations, rich in real-life anecdotes, offer a roadmap for resilience, leadership, and well-being. Audiences are guided through transformative strategies, designed to inspire change and enhance both personal and organisational resilience and connectivity. 

Lasting Impact. Simon's talks are known to instill resilience, authenticity, and a growth mindset in his audience. Organisations benefit from enhanced team dynamics, leadership authenticity, and an uplifted corporate culture. Individuals walk away empowered to navigate challenges with grace, leading to sustained personal growth and a more cohesive, resilient community.

Available for: Keynote Talks. Workshops & Seminars. Panel Discussions. Personalised Coaching & Mentoring. Podcasts & Media Appearances.


Popular With: Corporate Sector. Professional Sports Teams. Defence and Security. Educational Institutions. Start-Ups. 



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