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Nic 'Rosie' Steevenson

Former RAF Navigator | Human Performance Specialist

"Nic 'Rosie' Steevenson, a former Tornado F3 navigator and renowned  expert in human factors and organisational performance, offers transformative insights into leadership, resilience, and high-stakes decision-making. Alongside Helen Seymour, their unique blend of frontline aviation experience and expertise position them as a pivotal voices for organisations navigating complex challenges"

Tracey Duke



Nic ‘Rosie’ Steevenson's journey through aviation and human performance is both inspiring and groundbreaking. With a career inaugurated in the high-stakes world of military aviation, Rosie has served as a trailblazer in a field traditionally dominated by men. As a former navigator of the Tornado F3, the fighter variant of the distinguished tornado aircraft, she has worked under intense pressure and critical situations that demanded the utmost precision and skill. 


Rosie flew in the Tornado with her speaking partner Helen, as one of the very few all-female fast jet crews in the world. They both conducted Quick Reaction Alert, (QRA), protecting the skies of the United Kingdom. Rosie went on to become a highly qualified instructor and mentor, making significant strides in a challenging environment. She latterly flew missions as part of a developmental missile firings team, flying with test pilots from the world-renowned Empire Test Pilots School. It was here that she became fascinated by human performance, as even the highest-flying teams make mistakes.


After her tenure in aviation, Rosie pivoted towards specialising in human factors to optimize organisational performance and improve human wellbeing. This transition underlines her versatile expertise, focusing on how human elements integrate and thrive within complex systems. Her work now encompasses a broader spectrum, addressing organisational performance, safety, and well-being, with an emphasis on inclusive design for systemic improvement.

What to Expect

Rosie’s presentations, delivered with her former flying partner Helen Seymour, the first female Typhoon pilot, are a blend of compelling storytelling and insightful analysis. Drawing from their unique experiences in the aviation sector, they weave narratives that are not only enthralling but also deeply informative. Their talks delve into themes of high-performance under pressure, resilience, and adaptation. Together they skillfully relate these concepts to broader business and organisational contexts, making their unique insights universally applicable and transformative. 


Audiences can expect an authentic engagement with both Rosie & Helen, where they share not just the triumphs but also the challenges and learnings from their career.


This unique stage collaboration with Helen Seymour brings an additional layer of depth and perspective to her presentations; a dual viewpoint on overcoming barriers and excelling in demanding environments.

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A Lasting Impact 

Rosie’s message resonates across industries, particularly those that operate in high-stakes or rapidly evolving environments. Organisations looking to foster a culture of resilience, adaptability, and inclusive excellence will find her insights especially valuable. Her focus on human factors in system design and performance optimisation is crucial for industries aiming for systemic improvements and employee well-being.


Her ability to connect authentically with her audience, drawing on personal anecdotes and genuine experiences, ensures that her impact goes beyond the immediate presentation. Her stories and insights encourage a mindset shift, inspiring individuals and teams to strive for excellence while prioritising well-being and inclusive practices.

Ideal Audiences

In partnership with Helen Seymour, their talks are particularly beneficial for:


  • Leadership teams seeking to enhance decision-making under pressure.

  • Organisations in high-stakes industries - government, aviation, defence, technology -  looking for insights on resilience and adaptability.

  • Human resources and organisational development professionals focusing on diversity, inclusivity, and team dynamics.

  • Conferences and seminars dedicated to leadership, team management, and women in leadership roles.


Rosie, alongside Helen Seymour, offers a unique package of experience and insight, making them ideal speakers for a wide range of audiences looking for authentic, impactful, and transformative presentations. 

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Quick Look 
Rosie Steevenson

Represented by: Tracey Duke

Location: Exeter, England

Who: Nic ‘Rosie’ Steevenson, a pioneering former Tornado F3 navigator, has been pivotal in reshaping the contours of military aviation, a field traditionally male-dominated. Now a specialist in human factors and performance optimisation, she champions organisational performance, safety, and well-being through inclusive design and systemic improvement, leveraging her rich aviation experience.

What to Expect: Expect a captivating blend of storytelling and analysis from Rosie. Drawing from her aviation experience, she explores themes like high-performance, resilience, and adaptation. Her talks, enriched by authentic engagement and collaboration with Helen Seymour, offer profound insights into overcoming challenges and thriving in demanding contexts, resonating across various sectors..

Lasting Impact. Rosie leaves a profound impact, inspiring a shift towards resilience, adaptability, and inclusivity. Her expertise in human factors and system design resonates across high-stakes industries, encouraging systemic improvements and employee well-being. Her authentic connection and personal anecdotes inspire excellence, fostering a culture that values well-being and inclusive practices. ​ Available for:  Keynote Talks. Panel Discussions. Workshops & Training Sessions. Guest Lecturing. Media Appearances & Interviews. Joint Presentations with Helen Seymour ​ Popular With: Leadership Teams. High Stakes Industries. HR & Organisational Development. Conferences & Seminars


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